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From Thanksgiving Day on through the winter season, there are many homeowners who face a dilemma regarding their chimneys, which are not in good shape after years of use.  If you are one of these people, it is a good idea to look for professional and dependable people that will solve this issue.  There are companies which use their skills and know-how regarding chimney inspections.  They are making their initial check to learn if the vent or chimney is doing its purpose safely and securely.  Their first inspection is on the heating shaft and the fireplace.  These professionals are scrutinizing also if there is smoke tip out, blockages or sometimes intrusion of animals, and signs of water coming in the chimney.

You have to be meticulous in looking for chimney companies that will apply their expertise for chimney inspections before deciding which of them you want to work on your chimney.  These professionals should be able to clean or scrub the soot from the bottom up to the top down, replacing the handle and damper and then re-inspecting the whole system.  You have to be sure that the workers will be able to pinpoint damages, any possible poor design of the chimney, and any gaps and holes. Any of these issues can cause fire to spread throughout your house. By using these checks, the chimney company should be able to identify any potential obstruction or damage to the chimney structure.

It is important for the chimney professionals to explain all of the issues with your chimney in detail. Make sure you understand what they are telling you so you will make the best choice for your home. If the need arises, they may need to install a chimney cap that will keep out weather, debris and animals from your chimney. Another potential solution would be a screen.

Look for a dependable and certified chimney company when dealing with your chimney. Schedule an appointment to get an estimate on pricing and service.