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Don’t Call a Roofer for Your Chimney Leaks

A roofer cannot properly repair your chimney leak, so you must hire a certified chimney team to maintain your chimney’s structure and integrity. When left unrepaired, leaks cause expensive damages that can lead to chimney rebuilds. Don’t wait until it gets to that point! Schedule repairs as soon as possible. 

Contact Us If You Notice Any of the Following:

  • Hear or see water dripping into the firebox.
  • See it streaking down the firebox wall.
  • Coming from the ceiling, or wall where your fireplace resides.

The sooner the issue is addressed, located and stopped, the better it is for you and your family, not to mention damage to your home.

What an amazing team of employees, I was honored to meet most of them and will not forget the sincere kindness they showed. They truly work together to ensure customer satisfaction and the Owner Mark is an extraordinary leader!

Why You Should Call Us

If you call out a roofer and he tells you he can’t find anything leaking on the roof, call us! Roofing companies know roofing, we know chimneys and we know what the most common issues are when it comes to leaks in and around your chimney. Please do no misunderstand, we love and work very closely with a number of roofing companies in the Middle Tennessee area.

However, we are not expert roofers and would never try to repair something that we do not have expertise in. We have seen some try and fail to the horror of the customer. If the leak involves or you think could involve a chimney system, call us first.

Technician Tim provided excellent, professional, and courteous service on an upgrade and repairs to a chimney. I have used Ashbusters several times with highly satisfactory results on each service.

Ready to Schedule?


Whether you call us or we call you back after you submit a scheduling form, you can expect our team to ask you a couple of questions.

Are you representing the home? We get a lot of real-estate managers, property managers and personal assistants that call for homeowners. Knowing who owns the home helps us to accurately save files and information relating to your services.

Have you used us for your appliance before? If so, we have all your past services on file and it speeds up the scheduling process.

Where is your home located? This ensures that you are in our service area.

What kind of appliance are you wanting to be serviced? (wood-burning fireplace, wood-burning stove, gas logs, etc)

How many stories is your home? What is the exterior of your chimney made out of? What do you have on your roof? (metal shingles, terra cotta, etc)

*If you don’t know the answers to these questions, no worries! Our team can help you.


We do not share the pricing of our services on our site. Because each service has multiple variables including the number of flues, the type of appliance, etc we can only give you an accurate price until we fully understand your appliance and the time and materials it will take to be serviced. If you have questions about cost, please call our office and our team is happy to answer any questions. If you are still unsure, please check out our reviews and you can find confidence in our work through our happy customers.