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One of the benefits of owning a home is decorating to your desired style. Selecting artwork, furniture, and wallpaper elevates your house to your home. One area that is also customizable but often overlooked in that decorating process is your fireplace. The professional team at Ashbusters Chimney Service can perform custom fireplace facelifts for homeowners in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area! Read below to learn more about fireplace facelifts, then give us a call at (615) 459-2546 to schedule a consulting and appointment today!

What is a Fireplace Facelift?white fireplace against white wall

If you want to replace your fireplace entirely or provide a much needed upgrade to your existing system, consider a facelift. Much like “facelift” implies, this is enhancing the facing and adding desired elements to the visual part of your fireplace. They are very customizable, as homeowners can decide what material and aesthetic they desire. Our team will work with you to help set up a budget and plan out the renovation process.

With a myriad of customization opportunities, fireplace facelifts help homeowners get the most out of their living area. Most fireplace facelifts are completed with brick, stone, tile, cast concrete, or metal. Brick is the most durable material and can add a modern element or design to a traditional fireplace. Tile is another option that provides homeowners with limitless customization and design opportunities to maximize their fireplace. Available in marble, granite, limestone, and slate, there are over 100 colors and varieties of stone fireplace options available. However, homeowners must consider that stone could be the costliest and heaviest option. Cast concrete is similar to stone, as it is durable, easily customizable, and heavy. Finally, metal is your choice if you want a sleek and more modern looking fireplace. With all these options available, we guarantee there is a match for your desired aesthetic!

We Offer All Types of Chimney Services!

In addition to fireplace facelifts, we offer a variety of other services! Annual chimney maintenance is crucial for the efficiency of your system and the safety of your home and family. When our team performs facelifts, inspections, and sweepings, we thoroughly examine your chimney and notify you of any problems that require additional repair work. We also handle any necessary masonry repairs, ventilation services, and waterproofing services, among others. Our team of technicians undergoes rigorous training and certifications by reputable organizations such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), so we can handle any and all of your chimney needs!

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