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This time of year, it’s not uncommon to see chimney companies recommending various types of springtime maintenance. There are lots of advantages to investing in chimney care this time of year, but many of our customers question just why this is necessary. After all, isn’t chimney care better saved for fall and winter when people are actually putting their systems to use?

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Well, an important thing to remember when it comes to your fireplace and chimney is that maintenance isn’t just for the colder months – it’s actually a year-round requirement!

So, what should be focused on now and what should be saved for later on in the year? We’re here to break it down for you. And if you have questions, our crew is available with answers! Just give us a call or reach out online – we’re happy to help.

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Spring & Summer Maintenance

The springtime is the best time to invest in your annual inspection. For one thing, it’s more convenient for the homeowner. All too often, it’s not until temperatures drop that people remember they need a chimney inspection. This leads to full appointment books on our part and a big struggle for homeowners to get an inspection done at a time that works well for them.

In addition to this, should damages or buildup be noted during a fall inspection, you’ll likely be left waiting weeks before a spot opens up to have them addressed. For those eager to kick off their first fire of the year, this wait can be frustrating!

In the end, it’s a lot less stressful to schedule your inspection now and have any repairs addressed well before fall comes back around. Just think – while your neighbors are scrambling to book maintenance on that first chilly evening, you’ll be safely enjoying a cozy fire with your favorite book or movie. Well worth it.

Another important thing to note is that chimneys go through a lot during the winter. Along with facing moisture from snow and sleet, they’re also subjected to freezing temperatures and a lot of general wear and tear. Having yours looked over at the end of the burning season ensures any issues that popped up are noted ASAP.

And let’s face it – when it comes to your chimney, the sooner any problem areas are spotted and addressed, the better! If ignored, any damages will only go from bad to worse, and you’ll be left with lots to tackle before your system is safe for use again.

Finally, it’s vital we ensure your system is protected against springtime rains and curious critters. Protected masonry, along with a sturdy crown, properly installed flashing, and a well-fitted chimney cap, will all play a big role in ensuring water doesn’t wreak havoc on your system over the spring and summer.

Along with this, your chimney cap ensures animals, nesting materials, and other outdoor debris can’t get in and clog up your flue. Animals also invite bad smells, annoying noises, bugs and pests, and a lot of headache on your end. And some creatures, like the chimney swift, are protected, meaning once they’re in, you’re stuck with them until they migrate away – less than ideal.

So, don’t wait. Getting your inspection completed now is one of the best things you can do for your chimney, and it will make for an easier transition into your burning season this upcoming fall.

Fall & Winter Maintenance

Now, if you’ve had professional maintenance completed well before the start of your burning season, come fall you’ll be able to focus all of your energy on your fireplace’s biggest function – providing warmth and enjoyment!

A lot of fall and winter maintenance involves things the homeowner should be regularly doing to maintain a healthy chimney, fireplace, and home. These might include:

  • Clearing out the ash in a wood-burning fireplace.
  • Cleaning the glass doors and hearth.
  • Ensuring your damper is opening and closing properly.
  • Staying alert to draft or airflow issues. (If smoke is backing up into your home, there’s definitely a problem!)
  • Regularly checking the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

All in all, it’s important to pay attention and be aware of any strange changes in fireplace efficiency. It’s also good to regularly look for any structural flaws. The sooner these issues are noted and addressed by an expert, the better!

As for us, we’re happy to help with any damages or issues you come across. For example, if you notice your damper isn’t functioning right, we can fix your current model or set you up with a top-sealing damper for that heightened efficiency you deserve.

Along with this, we’re able to look into any airflow issues. Perhaps a bad storm damaged your chimney cap, allowing a family of birds the opportunity to set up camp and create a clog. Or maybe leaves and twigs found their way in! It could even be that a sweeping is in order. Regardless, we’ll figure out the issue and set you up right in no time.

We’ve Got You Covered Through Every Season

At Ashbusters Chimney Service, we do everything we can to ensure you’re covered through every season. Whether it’s spring, fall, winter, or summer, every time of year invites things that could cause damage to your chimney. And tackling them head on is always the best approach!

Talk with us today about preventive maintenance, repair services, inspection needs, and more. We’re here and happy to help with it all!