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It’s approaching football time in Tennessee, which means we approach the cooler weather patterns and hectic season of fall. You could become so busy and next thing you know, Thanksgiving and winter are fast approaching. You need to make sure your chimney is ready for fall before your schedule fills up. Ashbusters is here to share a few valuable tips that will get your fireplace and chimney ready for the first fire of the fall season.

Schedule your annual professional chimney maintenance appointment now.

A professional sweep and inspection is the first step in chimney preparation, according to This Old House. This should be done by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweep. Our certified staff at Ashbusters is trained and experienced in making sure your chimney works safely and efficiently throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Make sure you have a good supply of seasoned firewood.

To reduce creosote build up on the inner walls, Ashbusters reccmonds only burning seasoned firewood. This is wood that has been left out to dry for at least six months after being cut. Burning wet wood causes smoke blowing back into your home, which is wasteful since most of the fire’s energy is spent burning the water in the wood instead of providing heat into your home.

Protect your chimney from water penetration damage.

Keeping water out of your chimney is important to its long term functionality. Ashbusters specializes in preventing and taking care of leaky chimneys. We offer several preventive services such as chimney cap sales, installations, and customized flashing repair and construction. We strongly recommend giving your chimney the ultimate protection against water penetration with a professional waterproofing treatment. Trust us to keep the water out of your chimney to reduce cold weather masonry damage.

Now is the time to get your chimney ready for fall. Contact us today at Ashbusters to schedule your annual professional chimney maintenance appointment. We make sure you are prepared to relax by the fire with your family this fall.