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Knoxville — Comprehensive, Reliable Chimney Care Is Closer Than Ever!

For years, we’ve been proudly serving the greater Nashville area, and have earned a reputation for being the area’s trusted chimney cleaning, repair, and restoration specialist. But we thought: why not bring our services to our neighbors in Knoxville? So we did! We’re now happily bringing our expertise to residents of Knoxville with the opening of our new location.

What Chimney & Fireplace Services Do We Offer?

Chimney Sweep — Over the last couple of decades, we’ve swept over 20,000 chimneys, and we keep our customers smiling despite the messy nature of this service, because we guarantee absolutely NO MESS. From start to finish, we take the necessary steps to keep mess contained so you’re left with a clean chimney and a clean home. Our CSIA certified sweeps follow an 8 step chimney and fireplace sweeping and cleaning process to ensure the job’s done right each and every time.

Chimney Inspections — Did you know that the majority of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning incidents are preventable? It’s true. Routine inspections of all of your venting systems and heating appliances, regardless of the type of fuel they burn, can help protect you and your family against the dangers of fire and CO. During an inspection, our team follows NFPA 211 guidelines and will evaluate your venting system based on fire codes, clearances, and standards for the construction and maintenance of chimneys and venting systems. If we find any damage or areas of concern, we’ll let you know so you can plan for repairs. We’ll also check for any flammable buildup (creosote), blockages, or other signs that it’s time for a chimney cleaning.

Chimney Repairs — We’re lucky to have some beautiful, historic homes here in Knoxville, but with age comes great responsibility. Chimneys and fireplaces can be damaged over time, especially if there were any periods of neglect over the years. These historic systems may be prone to chimney leaks, chimney fires (because of cracks in the liner or missing liners), brick damage, and other types of damage that need repair. But it’s not just older chimneys and fireplaces that need repair. Many chimneys and fireplaces in new construction homes are built without proper clearance from combustibles. Plus, the weather here in TN does a number on our homes and chimneys, no matter their age. Think you may need to have your chimney repaired? Ashbusters can help. Our repairs are done right — guaranteed.

Gas Log Fireplace Repair — Gas logs and gas fireplaces can make even the coldest, laziest nights cozy and warm. Just flip a switch and warmth and comfort are yours. But even though these systems are mess-free and easy to use, they aren’t immune to problems. Sometimes pilot lights won’t stay lit, burners have issues, fans get extra noisy, or the log set/fireplace just needs a good inspection and cleaning. Whatever the case, we can help. We provide gas log and gas fireplace troubleshooting, service, cleaning, and repair work, and we’ll make sure your system is operating properly and safely so you can relax and enjoy the its many benefits.

Fireplace Facelift — Are you swapping out an old factory-built fireplace for a new, more modern appliance? Is it time to update your fireplace facing? Whether you’d like to start all over or just give your old fireplace facing a new lease on life, we can help with our expert fireplace facelift services. We specialize in brick, tile, stone/cultured stone, cast concrete, and metal fireplace facing design and installation, and we’re confident we can bring your vision to life. Just let us know the look you’re going for and what your budget is, and we’ll work with you to make your new fireplace facing as unique as you are!

Dryer Vent Cleaning — You know fireplaces and chimneys can threaten home safety if they’re not properly cared for. But did you know that dryer vents can be even more dangerous if neglected? It’s true! Lint can build up in dryer vents, forcing the dryer to run hotter and longer, and possibly even leading to a dryer fire. The lint — which is an ideal material for starting a fire — must be removed to keep your dryer operating efficiently and to prevent a fire or carbon monoxide incident. We can help. We have a 4 step dryer vent cleaning process that ensures every last area of the vent is left lint-free. And don’t worry — we’ll keep your home pristine throughout the process.

Wherever You Are In Knoxville, We’re Here To Help

We travel all up and down Washington Pike, Whittle Springs Road, Prosser Road, Cecil Avenue, Chapman Highway, Henley Street Bridge, James C. Ford Memorial Bridge, Gay Street Bridge, Magnolia Ave, Cherokee Boulevard, Sutherland Ave, and all throughout Knoxville, so when you need us, we’re never far.

The neighborhoods we serve include:

  • North Hills
  • Fairmont
  • Oakwood/Lincoln Park
  • Island Home
  • Lake Forest
  • Colonial Village
  • Holston Hills
  • Sequoyah Hills
  • Corryton
  • Strawberry Plains
  • Forest Heights
  • Farragut
  • Fourth & Gill
  • Fountain City
  • Fort Sanders
  • West Hills
  • Parkridge
  • and more

Are you looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, chimney professional to make sure your Knoxville home stays comfortable and warm all winter long? Whether you’re in Old City, Downtown, in South Knoxville, North Knoxville, Wooded Acres, or somewhere on the Tennessee River or Fort Loudon Lake, Ashbusters Chimney Service is here to help.

Thanks to I-640, I-275, I-40, and I-75, we can be at your service when you need us, wherever you are in relation to our home base. So for all your chimney, fireplace, and venting needs, call on Ashbusters. We’re happy to be your Knoxville chimney sweep.