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One of the most traditional ways to celebrate the new year is making resolutions and setting goals. Many of us decide to eat healthier and exercise more, but don’t forget about your home for resolutions. Keep things running smoothly and save money on repairs by keeping up with annual home maintenance. To ensure that your fireplace will function safely and efficiently through the winter, national experts like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend that you should have your chimney professionally swept and inspected every year. For over three decades, Ashbusters has been providing top quality chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services to the Nashville area. We would like to tell you why you should include scheduling a professional chimney maintenance appointment in your New Year resolutions.

Prevent Safety HazardsNew year, same chimney! Schedule a chimney inspection today

When Ashbusters inspects chimneys, we always take care to check for problems that could lead to safety hazards. Our CSIA-certified professionals will check for for debris that is blocking the flue to be sure that your chimney can exhaust properly. If we find a flue blockage, we will remove the debris to avoid the risk of a chimney fire or carbon monoxide leak. We will also check the condition of your chimney liner. If there are any cracks or gaps in this component, there is a danger of heat transferring to the combustible parts of your home and starting an accidental fire. Your safety is our top priority, and you can count on us to make sure there are no hidden hazards lurking inside your chimney.

Promote Efficiency

Keeping up with annual chimney maintenance can help you achieve a more efficient home too. During an inspection, Ashbusters will check out the connections between your heating appliance and your chimney for anything causing inefficiencies. We will also look for sufficient water protection to avoid major problems. If we find a troublesome area, we specialize in fixing leaky chimneys. We can also recommend preventative services for water damage. This could include chimney cap or flashing system installation to keep water leaks from being a future problem.

Our team at Ashbusters would like to wish you and your family a happy new year. Schedule your annual professional chimney maintenance appointment, by contacting us today. We are always here for any of your professional chimney and fireplace needs.