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Have you noticed how many fires are affecting homes in Middle Tennessee? From large and expansive properties to apartment complexes, it seems more and more fires, that most likely could have been avoided, are damaging properties. If you are a homeowner, it’s important that you take the initiative to protect your property from a costly and dangerous fire in your home. Otherwise, you could become another story on the news.

Chimney fires occur when a fire is left unattended, or when there is flammable debris left in a chimney. This debris can easily catch fire. You can prevent this from happening in your home in many ways. First, you can make the commitment to having your chimney swept regularly. This will remove any debris from the chimney and will keep your fireplace and chimney working efficiently. Another way to prevent debris from entering in your chimney is to invest in a chimney cap. A cap will cover the area to prevent critters, debris, and other harmful materials from entering in your chimney and creating a potentially harmful situation.

Dryer vents are also the cause of many unnecessary fires, most often in apartment homes. If you own rental properties, be sure to have the dryer vents cleaned regularly, to remove lint and other highly flammable objects from the home. If you live in a rental property, make sure you remind your landlord of this maintenance necessity to keep you and your belongings safe. This is the best way to prevent dryer fires. As always, the best way to avoid any fires in your home, or rental properties is through prevention. Don’t become another news headline. Become proactive in your fire prevention efforts to avoid costly and dangerous damages. Contact your local chimney inspection company to make an appointment today.