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If you felt like your old masonry fireplace did not provide your family with as much heat as it normally does this past winter, you may be considering making some changes to increase your home’s energy efficiency as well as to save money on your heating costs. Updating your old masonry fireplace with a new insert also gives you a chance to give your hearth area a facelift that can transform the look of the room, and Ashbusters can help you with both of these home improvement projects with our professional fireplace sales, construction, and installation services. Additionally, if you have an older factory-built fireplace that is beginning to break down to the point where it is beyond repair, you will find that these services of ours will be just as helpful. It is common for homeowners to use the opportunity of replacing a fireplace or having the flue relined as a chance to give their fireplace area a facelift, and we are certified and experienced in this remodeling job. We would like to tell you more about the materials from which you can choose to update your hearth area.


While it may be a traditional material for a fireplace front, Ashbusters can show you how we can make your hearth look unique and modern by using different patterns and placements of bricks. You will also have a variety of colors of bricks that can add to the existing decor of the room. If you are looking for a durable material that will last for years, our professional chimney masons will guarantee that your brick fireplace front will be strong enough to last a lifetime.


According to This Old House, choosing tile as the material for your fireplace facelift is a great way to update the look of the hearth as well as the entire room. With tile, your options for colors, styles, placements, finishes, and textures are limitless. Ashbusters only uses tiles that can withstand the high temperatures produced by fires, and we will consult with you to make sure your design tastes are satisfied.


If you love the look of a stone fireplace front but do not have the budget for this expensive material, Ashbusters also offers cultured stone as well as natural stone as options for your fireplace facelift. Lightweight and finished to closely resemble natural stone, cultured stone is available in over 100 different colors and textures to give you unlimited options for choosing the right look for your home.

Give your fireplace area a facelift this spring. Contact us today at Ashbusters to schedule an appointment for our professional fireplace construction and installation services.