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Spring season is in full swing in the Nashville area. Everywhere you look, you see plants and flowers starting to bloom. In order for this growth to take place, gardens and flower beds need lots of water! This is why we have frequent spring rain showers. Although heavy rains can be very beneficial to plants, trees, lawns, and flowers, they can cause problems with masonry chimneys. This is especially true for the ones that have suffered from cold winter damage.

After a spring rain shower, you may notice signs of water leaks, such as standing water on the floor of your firebox or water stains on your ceilings and walls. To keep a chimney water leak from getting worse, Ashbusters recommends that you contact us as soon as possible. Schedule a visit from our trained and experienced chimney technicians to repair your leaky chimney! We would like to tell you more about chimney leaks. In addition, how we can repair them as well as prevent more leaks from occurring in the future.

How does winter weather lead to chimney water leaks?

Cold temperatures can be very hard on masonry materials. The bricks and mortar joints of your chimney absorb water naturally because masonry materials are porous. When the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, any moisture that is trapped within the bricks and mortar joints will freeze and expand. The damage occurs when the weather warms up to thaw out the water. The force of this thawing can cause the masonry materials to crack and break apart. The gaps and voids that form as a result of this spalling damage are easy entrances for water into your chimney.

How can Ashbusters help me with my leaky chimney?

You can count on us to both repair and prevent chimney water leaks because of our many years of experience of working on leaky chimneys in the Nashville area. Additionally, our technicians are all trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We can repair any spalling damage to your chimney by using masonry techniques, such as tuckpointing, to replace damaged bricks and mortar joints. We take great care to restore the structural soundness of your chimney. After we have repaired the damage that has caused the leak, we can make recommendations of preventive services. This will keep your chimney safe from future water leaks.

These types of services include professional chimney cap installation and customized flashing repair and construction. Both of these services are essential in keeping water from spring rain showers out of your chimney. For the ultimate protection against water penetration, we can waterproof your chimney. We will apply a 100 percent vapor permeable waterproofing formula to the exterior of your chimney. This will stop water from being absorbed into the bricks and mortar joints, but allows vapors to escape from the masonry materials. We will never use clear sealants that will trap vapors inside the bricks and mortar. Doing so will lead to even more spalling damage. After our professional waterproofing treatment, your chimney will be protected for the next 10 years!

Have you noticed signs of water leaks after a heavy spring rain storm? If so, do not hesitate to contact us at Ashbusters. We specialize in fixing leaky chimneys and can protect your chimney from suffering from more water leak damage.