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During the winter, your fireplace is the center of your home. Your fireplace is where friends, family and neighbors will gather to get warm, and to relax after a long day. Your family will spend the majority of their time around the fireplace, so isn’t it important to make sure your fireplace is in safe and efficient working order?

Before you used your fireplace, you should have had it inspected by a professional chimney sweep. By eliminating any debris that may have built up, you have already ensured your fireplace is in proper working order. Keep your fireplace clean and sweep it periodically once the coals have had enough time to cool. Avoid creosote build-up by burning your fires hot, and by using only clean, untreated wood recommended for burning in indoor fireplaces. Protect your family with fireplace accessories like cages built for around your fireplace. Enjoy the long lasting warmth of a fire all winter long, and unwind in a relaxing setting with your family by getting the most use out of your at-home fireplace.