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The holidays are here. In most parts of the country, this is the time for family and friends gathering around the fireplace. After all, it is one of those iconic activities during the holidays. Many carols are sung that talk about the joys of sitting in front of an open fire. You definitely don’t want those types of memories to be marred by a house fire. Believe me, this is a highly personal issue for us at Ashbusters.

Mark Stoner, the founder of Ashbusters, had a terrible holiday experience with a chimney that ended up in a house fire. In fact, that experience was one of the chief reasons he started working as a chimney sweep. He did not want anyone to go through a holiday season having to deal with a house fire. So, we always want to do more than perform chimney services for our customers. We also want to educate them about best practices for their chimney.

The first thing to consider is when the last time your chimney was inspected. Regular chimney inspections can turn up a host of potential fire hazards and chimney damage. You should think about it like you think about maintaining a car. When you don’t have necessary maintenance like oil changes performed, your car will cost much more in the long run to fix. Similarly, these chimney inspections turn up small issues that can be fixed before they become much larger issues.

Don’t put off having your chimney inspected. It could end up being a very expensive repair, or much worse. The last thing you want your family to experience this holiday season is a chimney fire. We will be glad to schedule an appointment to take a look at your chimney. We can make sure it will be safe this entire holiday and winter season.