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Have you ever given a thought about how clean your chimney should be?  Well if not, you should be giving it some thought now!

Chimneys are a part of many homes and subsequently need just as much attention as you would give to your HVAC or plumbing. Though you don’t have to clean them every week, you should take the time to understand all that goes into ensuring that unsafe levels of creosote and other debris have not built up.

You may be thinking, “There is another thing I have to clean?”  Well, in a word, yes.  That is simply one of the responsibilities of owning a home with a chimney. Any sort of creosote build up or other debris build up will cause the likelihood of a chimney fire to skyrocket. It is simply too dangerous and costly to ignore the problem. Even if you don’t suffer a fire, not taking care of the chimney can lead to structural damage that can cost several thousand dollars to fix. Some of the worst things that can happen when a chimney has not been maintained includes fire, roof damage and a host of other problems. In fact, some chimneys are so far gone that we have to start over and rebuild it from scratch.

I would advise that you call a chimney professional today! They will come to your home, and perform a chimney inspection that outlines exactly what needs to be done. There are three different types of inspections, and they build up depending on the level of need. They can go from a simple visual inspection all the way up to an inspection that involves dropping a camera down into the structure itself.

The bottom line is you want to take care of your chimney. Otherwise, it will cost you much more in the long run.