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Having a nice, warm, and cozy fireplace where you can relax and snuggle with your loved ones is the perfect thing to come home to from a long, cold, and tiring day. Our fireplaces have indeed given us that sense of relief and comfort. But sometimes we fail to take care of the things that give us pleasure. Just like the simple task of cleaning and maintaining our fireplaces and chimneys. We should never take this for granted because as they bring much satisfaction and enjoyment, they could also bring a great deal of danger to our homes and our lives if they are not properly maintained.

There are many harmful things that spring from a poorly cleaned chimney. Smoke can easily circulate in the house instead of exiting the chimney which can suffocate the people inside.  Also, a chimney fire could get out of control, and burn down the roof, ceiling, attic, or even the entire house. One reason for chimney fires is the substance called creosote. This tar-like substance is formed from smoke, gases, vapor, minerals, volatile hydrocarbon, and other particles that are supposed to escape through the chimney flue. But due to the cooler temperature of the chimney walls, it causes a reaction called condensation to occur which transforms these particles into creosote. Instead of freely going out of the chimney, they stick to the chimney flue’s walls. What’s very dangerous about it is that it is extremely combustible. Too much build-up of this in the chimney flue can easily start a chimney fire and can even explode in severe cases.

Factors such as the chimney’s cooler temperature, restricted air supply, and burning unseasoned wood can greatly increase the production of creosote. This is why regular chimney sweeping should be done. It should be free of creosote build-up. The surest way to prevent accidents from ever occurring is by taking care of your fireplace and your chimneys. It’s just a small price to pay considering all the comfort and joy it brings.