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Sometimes it is amazing how we scrutinize the littlest of things and then treat something such as a chimney cleaning so casual. Many homeowners do not realize that not just anyone should be entering their home to clean their chimney. In fact, homeowners should take special precaution to ensure that only NCSG member sweeps are doing the cleaning.

National Chimney Sweep Guild

The National Chimney Sweep Guild, or NCSG, in an organization started over three decades ago with less than two dozen members. Today, it is the standard for all chimney sweeps. It is a true educational source for homeowners and chimney sweeps alike. In fact, the organization conducts various seminars and classes specifically to prepare sweeps for the membership exam.

In addition to the NCSG, homeowners should also look for sweeps that are certified from the Chimney Safety Institute of America, or CSIA. This organization provides a code of ethics by which all chimney sweeps must abide. This code provides the thousands of homeowners employing their services every year significant peace of mind.

These two programs together have literally created the industry standard for chimney sweeps. When inquiring with different companies, tell the agent specifically that you are requesting member chimney sweeps and that they have their credentials readily available for your inspection. This will also serve to let the company know you are aware of the membership process as well as the code of ethics sweeps are expected to follow.

When looking for certified chimney sweeps, homeowners can use both the CSIA website (www.csia.org) and the NCSG website (www.ncsg.org) to find certified and member companies. If there was ever a time to avoid taking the short cut and using personal ad sites to find a chimney service provider, this is it! You family’s safety and that of your home are far too important to trust to some random individual.