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Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace accessories can range from the necessary basics to decorative and functional pieces that enhance your fireside experience and complement your home decor.

Having the right tools to manage your fire safely is important for your enjoyment and peace of mind.

Having the right tools to manage your fire safely is important for your enjoyment and peace of mind.

Tools to help you manage the fire, and can be purchased individually or as a set. (Sets are good if you plan on building a lot of fires.) A fireplace tool set usually includes a brush, shovel, poker, and tongs, along with a stand to hang all the tools on. You will also need an ash bucket or bin as a safe and convenient place to store your ashes for removal that helps you keep your hearth and fireplace clean. Shovels with larger scoops and a decent-sized ash bucket are good for a frequently used fireplace, since they make ash disposal easier.

Many people would categorize screens and glass doors as essential, since their job is to keep the fire in and everything else out. A sturdy screen is a good choice if you have children or pets, and glass doors are ideal for keeping drafts out of the house when the fireplace is not being used.

You’ll also want the height of the tools and accessories to match the fireplace size—overly tall tools won’t look right next to a small fireplace or woodstove. Other accessories include log holders and carriers, hearth rugs to protect the floor against sparks and embers, grates or andirons, bellows, and firebacks, to name a few.

Not only will you have many accessories to choose from, but these accessories come in many styles to suit almost any taste. You can buy sets and ensembles that will include matching accessories like the tools, wood holder, and screen. Or you can select the particular pieces you want and buy them individually. It can be helpful to snap some photos of your fireplace when you go shopping for accessories, so they will fit the style of your home and hearth.