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We Do Custom Fireplace Facelift Work!

If your fireplace was installed any time after 1980, chances are, you have a factory-built appliance. And just like any other household appliance, these units have a lifespan. After a while, their components tend to break down and their efficiency suffers. Although most components can often be replaced, eventually the entire unit will need to be replaced with a new unit.

Typically, when replacing a fireplace appliance, homeowners tend to update their fireplace facing as well. Sometimes it is a matter of taste, but sometimes the appliance is attached to the facing and will actually take some of the facing with it when it is removed. If you are having a new fireplace installed or are having your flue relined, it may be the perfect time to give your fireplace a facelift.

Older brick fireplace and hearth with christmas decortations on it

Fireplace Facelift – Before

Fireplace with hearth taken down for construction dirt onb  drop clothte

Fireplace Facelift – During

New refinished fireplace with bricks and hearth  windo w on the lefton

Fireplace Facelift – After

When Designing Your New Fireplace Facing, There Are A Variety Of Material Choices To Consider

Brick – Although most people think “traditional” when they think of brick, you can really make a variety of statements with brick fireplace facing depending on which brick type and color you choose. You can also spice things up with creative patterns and placement, taking something traditional and giving it a modern twist. Plus, brick is an incredibly durable material and, when constructed by a professional mason, brick fireplace facing can last you a lifetime. If you are leaning towards brick, however, keep in mind that it will require more structural support than a lighter building material.

Tile – Tile gives the homeowner almost limitless options as far as colors, styles, placement, textures and finishes go. From cobalt blue to mosaic glass, man-made materials to natural materials, your tiled fireplace facing design can be as unique as you are. Tile is a truly great way to make your fireplace the focal point of the room.

Stone & Cultured Stone – From marble and granite to limestone and slate, stone can be a beautiful and durable fireplace facing option. With the many colors, patterns and placement choices, stone can give you the results you’re looking for whether your aesthetic is traditional or more modern. If you are considering stone for your fireplace facing, be sure to factor in weight and cost. These two factors may lead you to consider cultured stone, which is a lightweight, manufactured “stone” that is cast and finished to resemble natural stone. Available in over 100 colors and a variety of textures, cultured stone gives almost limitless options at a fraction of the weight and a fraction of the cost. Because they are manufactured, they are also almost always readily available.

Cast Concrete – Cast concrete is a great option for fireplace facing because it is durable and solid and can be cast into just about any shape or size. With cast concrete, you also have options when it comes to color, texture, and finish. But as with brick or stone, the weight of cast concrete should be considered when making your decision.

Metal – Looking for a sleek, modern, streamlined look? Metal facing may be something you want to consider. Metal fireplace facing can be unassuming or commanding, depending on your design. If space and simplicity are two of your major factors, metal may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Fireplace and hearth with dark brown and black bricks with dropcloth in front

Fireplace Facelift – Before

Newly built fireplace and hearth with light brown and greay bricks

Fireplace Facelift – After

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