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Fantastic Choices in Chase Covers

four sqaures with a circle in them one is copper the others different shades of steel
Custom Chimney Chase Covers come with a single hole or multiple holes and are made out of stainless, 20 oz. copper or galvanized steel. You can also get it with an optional drip edge.These chase covers are made in America and have a lifetime warranty on stainless or copper and are the perfect solution to aging and deteriorating fireplace chase covers.
Metal Silver and Gold circle Storm Collars
If you are going to replace a chase cover it’s a good time to consider also replacing the storm collar. A storm collar has one and only one job; keep the water out of your chimney! They come in stainless, 20 oz. copper or galvanized steel and are made in the USA.
Gold custom chimney shroud with metal grading on top
Custom Shrouds will fit over the entire chase cover but you will want to check with your local codes to make sure this is allowed where you live. Shrouds keep your chase cover intact and keep critters out.Made in the USA, the Shroud comes in Copper or Stainless and can be Top Mount or Outside Mount.

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