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Reline Your Masonry Chimney With HeatShield®

Your classic brick chimney is perhaps your most favorite part of your home. For as long as you’ve lived there, you’ve gone to great lengths to care for your fireplace by staying on top of the required maintenance services and always scheduling a repair as soon as an issue arises.

…but now your most recent chimney inspection revealed what you’ve been most fearing: a damaged chimney liner. You know you have to get things resolved – and fast – so you can continue to enjoy your system, but you’re also not too fond of the idea of completely ripping apart that traditional clay chimney liner. Enter: HeatShield® repair systems.

A unique blend of durable, heat-resistant materials, HeatShield® is an excellent way to salvage and restore a damaged terracotta clay chimney liner. For those looking for the best chimney relining near Nashville, look no further than Ashbusters Chimney Service. Over the past three decades that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen – and repaired – it all. You can reach us right here through our website or by calling 615-459-2546.

Why HeatShield® May Be the Answer To Relining Your Chimney

Developed in Europe around 20 years ago, HeatShield® is the first and only product of its kind that offers a unique relining option for clay-lined masonry chimneys. Where before the only chimney relining option was a replacement in the form of flexible metal pipe, now, as long as the clay tiles haven’t sustained too severe of damage, homeowners can simply choose to have the existing liner resurfaced.

HeatShield® is known for efficiently correcting hidden dangers in your chimney liner. When the clay liner in older chimneys cracks, it allows smoke, embers, carbon monoxide, and sometimes fire to escape through the liner into the ceilings and attic space of your home. You can imagine what can happen once these substances leak into those areas.

Thus, not only is HeatShield® an excellent way to restore your clay liner so that it can continue to serve its purpose, it also saves you the trouble, mess, and time of having a stainless steel liner installed. We’re always a fan of salvaging materials how and where we can so we can save you money, as well as ensure materials and resources are utilized to their fullest potential whenever possible.

Does Your Chimney Need To Be Relined?

How do you find out if your liner has these dangerous issues? The answer is to make sure you get a thorough inspection. This should include running a camera up through the chimney liner and closely inspecting the walls of the liner itself. Through this process, we are able to see the details that reveal those hidden dangers that hide in the walls.

Here are some of the more common issues we find:

  • Deteriorated mortar between clay flue liners
  • Cracked clay tile flue liners
  • Spalled clay flue liners or tiles (flaking)
  • Eroded clay liner
  • Gaps and holes between flue tiles

Have you noticed your appliance starting to act differently? Are there signs that it is not operating as efficiently as it once was? Worried it might be time to look into your chimney relining options? We’ve got you covered. Give us a call at 615-459-2546 or fill out this appointment request form on our website to learn more and schedule today!

Why We Offer the Heatshield® Method

Though our number one reason for offering the HeatShield® option is for safety purposes, we’d also like to note that it helps to drastically improve efficiency too. Those small gaps and cracks allow excess air into your chimney, slowing the updraft and making it harder for smoke and gas to rise up and out. That means that the fireplace, wood stove, or furnace will perform poorly, resulting in the loss of heat and efficiency.

  • According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, (CSIA), “problems such as gaps, cracks and spalling (flaking) in your chimney’s flue can present serious risks to your home and family, because your chimney can no longer perform its intended function, which is to safely contain and vent the products of combustion to the outside of your home.”
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states,“if the flue liner in a chimney has softened, cracked or otherwise deteriorated so that it no longer has the ability to contain the products of combustion (i.e., heat, moisture, creosote, and flue gases), it shall be removed and replaced, repaired or relined…” NFPA 211-Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances (2006).

Once the HeatShield® has been applied, it will restore the integrity of your chimney flue liner to vent the hazardous gases out of your home the way your chimney is supposed to.

Are There Alternative Resurfacing Options to HeatShield®?

When it comes to resurfacing and restoring your chimney liner, HeatShield® is the only one of its kind. So, if you have a brick chimney with a clay liner that has sustained intense trauma and therefore does not meet the criteria for HeatShield® repair, your only relining option is to tear out the old to replace it with one made from metal.

Similarly, if you have a prefab chimney that already has a metal liner, it’s a rather quick and painless process to remove one that is damaged and replace it with a fresh new one. Just because you might not have the option to resurface your chimney does not mean you are out of luck! Stainless steel chimney liners are excellent alternatives when there is simply no way to salvage your current one.

How Do I Know if HeatShield® Is Right for Me?

Well, ultimately, there are a few things that determine whether or not your chimney is eligible for a HeatShield® application. The first and most obvious is knowing whether or not you have a clay liner. And while this part might be easy for you to find out, everything past that requires a deeper look – and one that can really only be achieved by professionals.

Aside from being sure your chimney does, in fact, have a clay liner, the only real way to know whether or not HeatShield® is a viable relining option for you is to schedule a chimney inspection. Thanks to a special camera, when we do an inspection, we’re able to get a nice close look at what the damage is as well as its severity, so we know which direction to go in regards to relining.

Have more specific questions about HeatShield®, the requirements, or other details? You can get in touch with us by filling out this appointment request form right here on our website, or give us a call at 615-459-2546. Here at Ashbusters, we make sure to not only hire those who are well-versed in this industry, but are friendly too! No matter where you are in your chimney service or maintenance search journey, our team is here to help.

How Much Does HeatShield® Chimney Repair Cost?

That’s a great question. And one that we’d really love to answer. But, unfortunately, like all the rest of our services, the reality is that the pricing ranges too drastically depending on a handful of different factors. Not only do we have to take into consideration the intensity and prevalence of damage and/or deterioration to the chimney liner, but also the length and shape of the chimney itself, how accessible it is, and more. All of this will play into how much we charge for a HeatShield® repair service.

To get more information about how much a HeatShield® chimney repair/relining service might cost you, reach out to us. Just because we don’t publicize any of our pricing does not mean that we hide it – all you have to do is ask! Once we have a better idea of your particular system and general setup, we can provide you with an estimated quote. And don’t worry, if we begin a service and that number changes, we are always the first to let you know.

Get in touch and get started online, or by calling 615-459-2546.

When Chimney Liners Deteriorate, Performance & Safety Are Compromised

Clearly, chimney liners and their condition are vital in operating a safe and suitable fireplace. The two major organizations, CSIA and NFPA, are well aware of the issues caused by allowing the deterioration of a chimney’s liner. It’s also written into the building codes and fire standards that chimneys should be structurally sound, durable, smoke-tight, and capable of conveying flue gases to the outside completely and safely.

This is not just about new construction but any residential or commercial structure that is fitted with a fireplace, wood stove, or furnace appliance of any type.

Every property owner should start with an inspection to find out if this is something they even need to worry about. Most of the time, chimneys that have been properly maintained are fine unless something has happened to damage it outside of normal use. This could include weather incidents, tree damage, or, on occasion, damage done by animals – including birds and rodents.

Having the option to restore your chimney with HeatShield® gives you (and us) a great way to restore function for safety and efficiency without the added hassle of rebuilding the chimney with a new liner. If you feel this might be something you want to look at, please let us know. There are many families in the Middle Tennessee areas that no longer use their fireplaces because they have not had an affordable way to restore it to work properly.

Ashbusters would like to have the chance to see if this process and unique product application can effectively and efficiently restore your fireplace so you can enjoy it once again.

Ready To Get Started?

No matter if you’ve yet to schedule your annual chimney sweep or are interested to know if HeatShield® will work for your system, we’re the team to call for it all.

And not to worry if your appliance is not a candidate for HeatShield®… We have other chimney relining options available too! Basically, if your problem is in any way related to your hearth, chimney, or venting, Ashbusters has a solution. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our company and the services we proudly offer to Nashville homeowners, get in touch with someone from our team! We look forward to learning how we can serve you and all your fireplace and chimney-related needs.

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We’re proud to be certified HeatShield® installers in the greater Nashville community. We do what we do because we care about local homeowners and their chimney health. No matter if you’re ready to sign on the dotted line and schedule your HeatShield® service appointment, or if you’d like to learn a little more about the benefits of such a chimney relining service, the pros at Ashbusters are the ones to trust. Every single one of our technicians is expert in their field and certified with the CSIA, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

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