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We Install Fireplaces in Nashville & the Surrounding Areas

Looking for a local company that offers Nashville fireplace installation services? You’re in luck.

Fireplaces add a touch of luxury to any space, creating a classic and timeless ambiance that’s hard to match. If you’re looking to add heat, light, and comfort to your living space, adding a new fireplace, stove, or insert is a great way to do it. That said, trusting a professional to handle the installation, from start to finish, is a must for ensuring your new appliance operates safely and efficiently.

Fortunately for Nashville home and business owners, Ashbusters is here to help. Here’s what you can expect from us.

  1. We’ll evaluate your current needs.
  2. We’ll help you determine which fuel type is best for your home.
  3. We can go over your list of priorities (heat, aesthetics, etc.).
  4. We’ll figure out which system would best suit your overall lifestyle.

Once we’re done, rest assured, you’ll be set up with your ideal system, ensuring years of satisfaction and comfort. Just be sure to count on us for chimney and dryer maintenance every year to keep your system in tip-top shape. Fill out this form online, or give us a call at 615-459-2546 to learn more and get started.

Should I Purchase a Fireplace, Stove, or Insert?

At Ashbusters, we sell fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. So, which system would be the best fit for your home? Let’s go over the pros and cons of each.


Some fireplace pros include:

  • Fireplaces offer the most classic and traditional ambiance and will radiate a more authentic look and feel overall.
  • Modern fireplaces are more energy efficient than they used to be, ensuring more heat gets poured back into your space.
  • Fireplaces can improve the value of your home, making it a lot more appealing to any potential buyers.
  • When properly maintained, a masonry fireplace can last decades – literally a lifetime.

And the cons? One of the biggest reasons people opt for another type of appliance over a fireplace is because traditional fireplace setups tend to lose a lot of heating out the chimney. While modern options are better than they used to be, they’ll still have a more open hearth, which means that when it comes to energy-efficiency, they don’t tend to excel.

Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace


Some pros of fireplace inserts include:

  • Fireplace inserts are known for being energy efficient, which means more heat in your space – and lower energy bills too.
  • Inserts nowadays come in a range of sizes, styles, and looks, so finding one to match your space and your personal preferences shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Fireplace inserts burn cleaner than traditional fireplaces, meaning less risk of potentially hazardous fumes entering your space.
  • Inserts are easier to maintain than traditional setups.
  • They make fuel conversions easy (like switching from a wood fireplace to a gas insert).

The cons? Inserts can be a more expensive option up front. That said, they tend to save homeowners money over time due to their great heat output (hello lower energy bills). Inserts will also require an existing fireplace to be installed into.

Wood Burning Insert

Wood Burning Insert


Finally, there are stoves, which come with their own pros list too:

  • There’s a lot more placement flexibility, as these are freestanding and don’t need to be placed against a wall.
  • Stoves offer great heat output and do so efficiently, so you can lower your thermostat without losing out on comfort.
  • You can choose from a long list of design and style options.
  • The installation process is straightforward when completed by a professional.

And what are the cons of stoves? Well, if you really want a traditional fireplace feel, a stove probably isn’t going to give you that. Most systems will only last a decade or two, so you’ll need to replace it down the line – unlike traditional masonry setups which can last a lifetime.

Wood Burning Stove

Wood Burning Stove

Which Fuel Is Best? Wood or Gas?

So, let’s say you know which appliance type you want. Great! But there’s the other big consideration – wood or gas? We’ve got a breakdown on both options.


Wood options are more traditional. If you want that snap, crackle, and pop of a genuine wood-burning fire, then well… you’ll have to burn wood to get it. It’s hard to beat the smells and overall ambiance of burning wood, and some find that any other option just doesn’t make the cut. Not to mention, wood is typically easy to access, and it’s a renewable resource too – don’t count on running out any time soon.

That said, wood is a more high-maintenance fuel type. If you store your own, you’ll need to chop it, wait for it to properly season (which usually takes around six months to a year), then make sure it’s stacked safely, so that it doesn’t get wet or moldy and doesn’t attract pests.

In addition to that, wood tends to be messy. Count on regularly sweeping up wood chips and pieces of bark, and you’ll need to plan on scooping up ash piles out of your system too. And to top it all off, wood produces creosote – a combustible substance that needs to be regularly swept out by a professional to avoid chimney fires.

Finally, remember that fires for wood systems need to be built up, maintained throughout the day or evening, then properly extinguished when all is said and done.


With gas, things tend to be a lot simpler. Gas systems will come with either a switch or a button that just needs to be turned on and – voila – you have fire.

These low maintenance options are mess-free, don’t require storing any type of fuel, and are super easy to operate. You’ll also be able to adjust your heat output easily, and you can count on your temperature staying consistent, too, which isn’t the case with wood.

The downside? You won’t get that classic wood-burning vibe that many aim for when investing in a new heating system.

So… which is better?

So, which is best? Well, that depends on you. If you have access to wood, have the time to chop and store it, and love the idea of building and maintaining a crackling wood fire night after night, then wood’s the best choice.

That said, if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to waste any of your free time maintaining fires or cleaning up after them, then we’d suggest a gas-fueled option. All you’ll have to do is turn it on to enjoy an evening by the fire – easy peasy. Give us a call or reach out online with questions.

Can I DIY Fireplace Installation?

If you’re handy around the house and love tackling DIY projects, you may think that the fireplace installation process is something you can handle without the help of an expert – especially if it’s something like sliding in a new insert or hooking up a stove.

But before you dive in head-first, we’d advise you pump the brakes and make a few considerations.

First off, remember that you’re dealing with a system that creates fire inside of your home. There are a lot of potential hazards that come with this, which means a DIY job done wrong can increase the risk of home damage, inefficiency, or – worst yet – a loved one getting sick or injured.

Professional installation jobs are also important for maintaining warranties, ensuring any building codes or local regulations are met, and for guaranteeing insurance coverage should you need it down the line.

Finally, consider that incorrect installation increases the risk of experiencing both home and chimney damage later on. This means any money saved by taking the DIY route is likely going to be canceled out when you need to invest in repair jobs later on down the line. All too often, homeowners try to bypass the pro to save money, only to end up shelling out more dollars later on.

In the end, getting a trusted crew like Ashbusters on the job is always going to be the best route to take – and it will get you the best possible results.

Interested in Outdoor Fireplace Products?

There are lots of benefits to incorporating outdoor fireplace products into your yard space, such as:

  • Improved ambiance. Fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and more make your entire yard more inviting and pleasant to be in. If you love to throw parties, a quality outdoor setup is a must.
  • More heat as temps cool. For many, the cool temps of fall mean more time indoors – but not for those with an outdoor fireplace. Enjoy added heat, so that your outdoor season can last even longer.
  • Extra light as the sun goes down. The light from your porch only goes so far, which means outdoor fun often needs to be cut short when the sun goes down. This is especially true when days get shorter in the fall and winter. With a fireplace, you’ll have more light in your yard, so you can enjoy your time outdoors even longer.
  • Increased property value. It’s true – fireplaces (even outdoor ones) improve the value of your home, ensuring you get the most you can from it when it comes time to move. They’ll also make your home more desirable to potential buyers, ensuring it doesn’t sit on the market for months on end.
  • More motivation to stay outdoors. Staying outdoors is good for both physical and mental health, but when the sun sinks low and temps drop, it’s hard to stay motivated to stay out in the fresh air. But with an outdoor system, everyone will want to stay out longer and enjoy the space.
Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

Fortunately for homeowners in Nashville and its surrounding areas, we have a long list of quality products to get your backyard set up right. Say hello to outdoor parties, endless evenings around a cozy fire, and more time outdoors.

What do we offer? We’re proud to sell and install outdoor gas fireplaces, kitchen islands, fire pits, pergolas, fireplaces, and more. Ask about your options today, so we can get you set up right. Reach out online or call now.

Do I Need a Chimney for My New Fireplace?

Well – it depends. Traditional wood-burning options definitely need a chimney to vent out the smoke and fumes they produce. Some gas systems, though, come in vent-free options, in which case a full-blown chimney wouldn’t be necessary.

One thing’s for certain – just because you don’t have a chimney, don’t assume you can’t have a fireplace. We have lots of options to explore, we’re happy to answer all of your questions, and we’re certain we can set you up with something that’s perfect for the current setup of your household.

What’s the Fireplace Installation Process Like?

This will vary depending on your home’s current layout, what type of system is being installed, whether or not you already have a fireplace, and the fuel type we’re working with. That said, here’s a more general overview of what the installation process might look like.

  • Framing & Insulation: If support frames need to be built, and/or insulation needs to be added to contain heat, this will be among the first steps completed.
  • Chimney & Venting Installation: If you don’t have a chimney or venting system and your system requires one, this will be the next step done.
  • Gas Line & Wiring Installation: If you need a gas line set up or electrical components installed, this should be addressed before the system is installed.
  • Firebox Installation: Some systems require the installation of a firebox, in which we can explore your options and find the best fit.
  • Installation of the System: Once everything is primed and ready, the fireplace, stove, or insert can be installed into your home.

And remember – don’t be afraid to ask us questions throughout the process! The more knowledgeable you are about your fireplace setup, the more efficiently and safely you can operate it. Here at Ashbusters, keeping our customers satisfied and free from hazards is always our top priority. Call or schedule an appointment with us online now.

How Much Would it Cost To Install a Fireplace?

Ultimately, this will depend on a bunch of different factors. Certain units will come with a lower price ticket than others, some larger setups might require more techs working to get the job done, existing systems or appliances might need to be demolished or removed, etc. All of this and more weighs into what the final cost of a fireplace installation would be. That’s why it’s impossible for us to even provide an estimated price range for such a service, because it varies so greatly from case to case, customer to customer.

If you’d like to learn more about what a fireplace installation service might cost you, reach out to someone from the Ashbusters team! We’re more than happy to run some numbers and discuss quotes with you once we have a better idea what new appliance you’re interested in and what the installation process would entail.

We’re Your Fireplace Installation Experts

When it comes to fireplace installs, there’s no better team to trust than us. In addition to stoves, inserts, fireplaces, and outdoor systems, we also install gas coals, chimney caps, dampers, and chase covers. Make us your trusted crew for it all.

The team at Ashbusters is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified, has decades of industry experience, has won multiple awards for service and integrity, and we have a strong reputation for keeping Nashville communities safer and warmer.

Make the right choice by making us your go-to sweeps. Call today or book online to get started.

We make your home safer when we do regular dryer vent cleanings, so call on us soon for this chimney and dryer service.