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Why Chimney & Dryer Services are Important

Two of the biggest dangers to the health of your family and property are fires and CO poisoning. Your fireplace and dryer are two of the most common places where CO is emitted or has the right conditions to ignite a fire. This makes getting these two areas serviced on an annual basis very important.

From relining a chimney to rebuilding a fireplace to cleaning out your dryer vents, Ashbusters can help you solve any issue or problem you might encounter. While you may think all you are getting is a “chimney cleaner,” rest assured you will be getting so much more than that with Ashbusters Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.

Why You Can Trust Ashbusters

All Ashbusters Chimney and Dryer Services are conducted by certified technicians in the field. Chimney Sweeps are highly trained individuals who know how to come into your home, clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney and leave everything as clean as or better when they leave.

Each certified chimney sweep has not only gone through and passed the course of certification but also receives mandatory training from the CSIA on an annual basis. Every one of our technicians not only knows how to sweep and clean a fireplace, including the chimney, but also can locate problems from top to bottom that need to be replaced or repaired.

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