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Nashville, Tennessee – the place you come to deepen your love for country music, but instead fall in love with true southern hospitality and an unbeatable welcoming atmosphere. There’s a lot to do in Music City, and it’s no wonder this Middle Tennessee gem has earned its spot on the list of must-visit destinations, along with becoming one of the fastest growing cities in America. 

When you visit Nashville, you’ll be overwhelmed with all there is to do. From exploring the iconic Country Music Hall of Fame and catching live performances on Honky Tonk Highway, to cheering on the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium or the Nashville Predators at the Bridgestone Arena, you’re bound to find something that suits every interest.

One of the best ways to dive right into the rich musical history here is to head over to the Ryman Auditorium or the Grand Ole Opry, where the echoes of country legends fill the air. 

The Ryman, in particular, has borne witness to performances from country music icons like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. Meanwhile, the Grand Ole Opry continues to host live shows that perfectly capture the essence of Nashville’s music industry. 

Speaking of legendary Nashville icons, just as these music venues have stood the test of time, so has Ashbusters Chimney Service. For close to four decades, the team at Ashbusters has been proudly serving residents in the greater Nashville area by providing the most professional and complete chimney, fireplace, masonry, and venting services possible. In that time, our neighbors have come to know us as the company to call for all things fireplace or chimney. 

Whether an inspection and cleaning is needed or you’re dealing with a chimney leak, a cracked crown, a damaged liner, or another issue, the team at Ashbusters has the training, education, tools, and skills to meet your needs.

Allow us to be your trusted chimney and fireplace repair company in the greater Nashville area. Whether you’re from Hendersonville, Brentwood, La Vergne, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Franklin, and every place in between, you can count on us! Give us a call at 615-459-2546 or reach out online today.

Building totally in flames and falling apart.
Old masonry brick with a crack going sideways.
Tall chimney with older cap - we fix leaky chimneys.

We Provide Chimney Repair Services in Nashville You Can Count On

“Chimney repair” is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of essential services to help ensure the safety and proper functioning of your chimney and fireplace. So what should you be on the lookout for when it comes to knowing when to call us? Here are just a few signs your chimney or fireplace could use some professional care:

  • Bad odors. Odors in the chimney are usually caused by creosote or nesting animals. Both can trigger some pretty bad smells while your fireplace is in use and even when you aren’t using it. In order to eliminate bad odors, an inspection and chimney sweep will have to take place.
  • Smoke problems. The whole purpose of a chimney is to vent harmful gases and smoke from your home. So, if you’re noticing your living space looking a little hazy, it’s a clear sign that professional attention is needed. There could be a flue blockage or your chimney may not be achieving proper draft. Either way, we can help.
  • Efflorescence. Efflorescence is just a fancy term for white stains on your brick. That said, it points to a major problem – excess water. Bricks are naturally porous, but when they absorb too much water, it can lead to chimney leaks, masonry damage, and possibly even a chimney collapse. At the first sign of white staining, it’s important to discuss waterproofing solutions with an experienced chimney professional.
  • Cracked firebox. The area of your fireplace that holds the logs is called the firebox. Here, the panels or brickwork (depending on your setup) can crack as a result of wear and tear or moisture exposure. When this happens, repairs need to be made to prevent high heat, hot ash, and carbon monoxide from getting into those cracks and causing even more problems.
  • Rust on your chimney, chase cover, or chimney cap. There are a few components on your chimney that are made of metal – the chase cover, the chimney cap, the flashing, and the chimney chase. If you see rust on any of these, they need to be replaced, and any possible water leaks need to be found ASAP to prevent further damage.
  • Flaking or deteriorating brick and mortar joints. When excess moisture finds its way into your chimney, it can cause the brick to flake (spall) or deteriorate, and the mortar joints between your bricks to crumble. Thankfully, Ashbusters Chimney Service specializes in addressing water-related chimney issues, providing expert repair and waterproofing solutions to keep your chimney standing strong and free of leaks for the long haul.

Our Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Repair Services Are Comprehensive

Our strong reputation in and around Nashville comes from having a wide range of services designed to meet all of your chimney and fireplace needs. People call on us for many reasons, including:

Chimney Repairs

On any given day, we can be found driving down I24, I40, I440, I65, Route 41, Route 431, and all throughout Oak Hill, Hermitage, Madison, Bellevue, East Nashville, Northeast Nashville, Bordeaux, Antioch, Green Hills, Sylvan Park, Music Row, Lockeland Springs, Donelson, Whites Creek, Old Hickory, 12 South, the Gulch, and just about everywhere else in the greater Nashville area. 

Wherever you live, and whether you require routine inspections, thorough cleanings, or solutions to improve fireplace efficiency, Ashbusters Chimney Service can be at your door when you need us.

These guys did a fantastic job. Great communication. Really nice. Highly recommend Matt and Eric. Matt helped with the sales part of it and communication and Erik came out and did the hands-on work replacing my chimney cap and cleaning the outside. These are some good fellas.

-Sarah Y.

How Are Your Dryer Vents Looking?

We’re pleased to offer our customers in the greater Nashville area the most thorough and effective dryer vent cleaning services around. Live in a condo? Did you know that many condo dryer vent runs easily exceed 100 feet? With all the twists, turns, rises, and falls, it can be easy for lint to quickly accumulate in nooks, corners, and crannies and cause dryer inefficiency, dryer vent fire, and carbon monoxide backflow. But Ashbusters can help.

We use professional tools and techniques to safely and effectively remove lint buildup and leave dryer vents clean and debris-free. Our powerful vacuum systems ensure that you don’t end up with lint and dust in your air supply or throughout your condo or home. We provide mess-free cleaning – guaranteed!

We’re Here to Help

If you live in the greater Nashville area, let the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweeps at Ashbusters show you Class A service! Our team is dedicated to providing you with expert chimney care that goes above and beyond industry standards. We understand the unique challenges that chimneys in middle Tennessee face, whether it’s issues related to this region’s climate, the age of the homes, or other environmental factors. So you know you’re getting expert care with every service. 

To schedule your appointment with Ashbusters Chimney Service, call 615-459-2546, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in setting up a convenient time for us to pay you a visit. Or, you can easily request an appointment right here on our website.


Our clients in charming East Nashville are grateful to be one of our service locations because that means their chimneys are in safe condition to enjoy year after year.