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Prevent Fire Hazards & Schedule Your Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning With Ashbusters Chimney Service

Are dryer vent cleaning services really necessary? When you think of your dryer – and picture it in your mind – what do you see? Probably a decently large appliance, mostly metal, with a door either attached to the top or the front to load your clothes into. We’d venture to guess that the venting, power connection, lint trap, and other necessary, but largely “behind the scenes” parts and pieces are not the first images you conjure.

Nevertheless, no matter the brand or model of your dryer, part of the process of keeping your home both tidy and safe is ensuring that your appliances receive the maintenance – both preventive and repairs – they require and deserve. Cue Nashville dryer vent cleaning services.

Believe it or not, dryer vents are now considered to be more of a fire hazard than chimneys. According to recent data, there are approximately 15,500 dryer fires every year that result in a handful of deaths and numerous injuries across the country – leading the Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC) to emphasize the importance of annual dryer vent cleaning by a licensed professional.

That’s why the team at Ashbusters is not only certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to carry out those necessary cleaning and inspection services for your chimney, but also your dryer vent too. All the techs at Ashbusters are CSIA-Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians® (C-DET), so you can trust your dryer vent cleaning service will be done properly and efficiently. Call or book online today.

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Why Does Ashbusters – a Chimney Service Company – Offer Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Ok, before we really get into the “whats” and “whys” of dryer vent cleaning, it might first be beneficial to discuss why Ashbusters Chimney Service even performs such a service in the first place. After all, aside from both needing to repel spent air through some sort of venting system, what does one have to do with the other?

Well, that’s just it – by nature of their function, both appliances produce exhaust that must be properly released in order for it to continue to operate properly. What better place to call than one that is already well-versed in safe and proper ventilation etiquette practices?

Besides, there are a few other similarities between the two seemingly distinct appliances. Regardless of fireplace fuel type or whether your dryer is electric or powered by gas, both systems:

  • …require adequate airflow in order to operate.
  • …can put you at risk for dangers (like home fires) if regular maintenance is avoided.
  • …have the ability to affect the quality of your indoor air.

When you step back and think about the function of each of these heating appliances, it begins to make more sense why a full service chimney company might offer the equally important dryer vent cleaning services. After all, we’re in the business of keeping Central Tennessee families as safe as possible by ensuring all vents receive a regular cleaning – no matter where they’re found within the home.

How Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevent Potential Fire Hazards?

In order to understand the necessity of regular dryer vent cleaning, it might be helpful to first get a better idea of how exactly your dryer works. Essentially, at its simplest deconstruction, a clothes dryer works by circulating hot air throughout a spinning drum. Because the air is heated, it wicks away the moisture lingering in the damp clothing and is eventually released through a vent in the back of the unit. Simple enough, right?

While the process is, in fact, rather straightforward and simple, it doesn’t account for the whole reality of drying textiles. You know how creosote forms when you burn in your fireplace? Well, when you dry your clothes, they create something of a byproduct too – lint.

Every dryer is a little bit different in its setup and configuration, but all clothes dryers have a lint trap – that should be emptied out after each and every load comes out of the dryer – which is designed as the first layer of protection against material accumulation.

However, even when these traps are regularly cleared, they won’t effectively catch every little bit of lint produced during a cycle. There will always be some dust, dirt, or other debris that bypasses the lint trap and heads straight for the dryer vent.

Over time, just like how your chimney can collect deposits of creosote on its inner walls that may lead to flue blockages, the same is true for lint in your dryer vent. And if your dryer vent becomes obstructed, you’re not only dealing with wasted energy and extended drying times, but you risk the possibility of that lint buildup overheating and causing a dryer fire.

The Main Reasons To Clean Dryer Vents

While the most glaring benefit to scheduling a regular dryer vent cleaning service is that you protect your appliance, home, and family against dangers like dryer fires, there are other reasons that you should invest in such a service:

  • Save energy (and money). Why spend more money to get less out of it? When your dryer vents begin to collect a lot of lint and other particulate buildup, cranking the dial to the intended temperature and pressing the “start” button will likely not yield the results you’re after. Energy bills will start to climb and because your clothes will have to endure multiple dry cycles – and they might wear down and require replacements sooner than you’d like too.
  • Increase appliance efficiency. Just like how your chimney will have a harder time operating safely and efficiently if there is creosote buildup in your flue, the same is true for lint and dust (and any other gunk) lodged in your dryer vent. Sure, your dryer will dry, but not as quickly as if the vents were clean and clear.
  • Extend the life of your dryer. As with so much else in life, the more you use it, the sooner you’ll lose it. Sure, it might not be for awhile, but if you’re needing to run your dryer two or three times to effectively dry one load of clothes, eventually you might just have to shell out some cash to replace it.
  • Prevent risk of mold and mildew growth. It’s no secret that moisture plus darkness yields all kinds of unwanted growth – especially when easily permeated materials, such as textiles, are involved. Not only does a clogged dryer vent mean that the sticky humid air produced in a cycle is expelled back into your laundry room space, but if not taken care of in a timely fashion, your dryer and its venting could be a breeding ground for dangerous mold and mildew to form.
  • Protect against carbon monoxide and other dangerous gas leaks. Once again, the similarities between fireplace/chimney systems and dryers persists. Most clothing and other fabrics are considered largely carbon-based. This means that, should any lint catch on fire in the vent, you and your family are at risk for carbon monoxide exposure, as well as any other gases created as a byproduct of combustion – regardless of whether your dryer runs on electricity or is powered by gas.

If you haven’t gotten your dryer vent cleaned yet this year, it’s not too late to schedule it now – with Ashbusters! You can reach us by filling out this appointment request form right here through our website, or give us a call at 615-459-2546. Learn more and get started today!

Why Should I Have My Dryer Vents Cleaned by a Professional?

Gone are the days when dryers were installed in the basement and vented out through a nearby wall or window. Now, more and more, homeowners are choosing to set up their laundry space on an upper level of their home, making ventilation a bit more of a challenge than it once was. Rather than a direct, straight shot, most dryer vents have several elbows and turns that are well-concealed within the walls of the home. 

While this certainly boosts the overall visual aesthetic of your laundry room, the combination of length and its well-hidden nature makes it much more difficult for the homeowner to both know 1) when there is any kind of issue with the dryer vents and 2) how to properly clean them out without professional assistance.

Plus, in order to properly clear out any trapped lint or other debris clogging up the effectiveness of your dryer vent, you’ll need specifically designed tools. It’s not as simple as grabbing the extendable Swiffer and shoving it through the tube at the back of your dryer. Not to mention, it’s nearly impossible to see what’s what back there, so you could be causing more harm than good if you start poking around without knowing exactly what you’re doing. 

Also, what does lint, dust, and other particulate matter all have in common? The power to wreak absolute havoc on your lungs and respiratory system!

So, if you’re thinking you might be due to look into dryer vent cleaning for your appliance, save yourself the hassle and give Ashbusters a call. Not only are we knowledgeable and professional, but efficient and friendly too. Schedule online or give us a call at 615-459-2546.

What Are the Best Practices for Vent Exhaust & Connectors?

Regardless of the brand, particular unit, or power source, the exhaust produced by your dryer must always be expelled to the outside atmosphere, rather than circulated back into your home. Because gas combustion creates its own collection of dangerous fumes and harmful byproducts, it is especially important that gas-powered dryers be connected to the outdoors. 

As such, many people don’t realize that when it comes to connecting a long line of exhaust pipes, the plastic, accordion-style connector pieces are no longer considered within code. To ensure the vent run is as seamless as possible, we utilize connectors constructed from metal – that way it’s easier for the dryer fumes to travel directly and safely out of your home.

Ok, we know this is perhaps a bit technical, but it does help give a visual to understand how little lint buildup it takes to drastically reduce efficiency. The minimum size of any dryer vent is around four inches in diameter and it only takes approximately a half inch of debris buildup to slash the dryer’s performance in half. It’s no wonder, then, that over time (and without a regular cleaning schedule), a dryer might stop…well, drying. At least in an efficient way, that is!

What Are the Steps To Clean Dryer Vents?

While every company and every individual might perform a dryer vent cleaning a bit differently, they should all consist of roughly the same steps:

  1. The dryer will be removed from the wall. Depending on what we find when we pull it out a few inches, we might also run some other diagnostic tests at this point.
  2. Utilizing a sort of reverse vacuum (one that repels as opposed to inhales), we’ll attach the hose to the vent.
  3. With flexible rods that have different brush and drill attachment heads, we carefully navigate however many 90 degree turns your vent features. Thanks to the functions of both the drill and brush, we’re able to get the perfect combination of rotation and spin to scrub everything clean.
  4. While the vacuum continues to blow, your technician will move these tools in and out of the vent in an attempt to reach every nook, cranny, and angle.

And just like with any of our hearth, fireplace, and chimney maintenance or repair services, as we clean out your vents, we’ll keep an eye out for any structural issues and make note of anything we find. When we finish, we’ll go over all our findings with you, as well as next steps, so you never have to worry about being left in the dark.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Dryer Vents Cleaned By a Professional?

Well, without first knowing your setup (in terms of accessibility) and the length of your venting, it’s hard for us to give you an estimated quote. And we’d hate to provide any information that is not certifiably factual and applicable to our wide-ranging customer base throughout the Central Tennessee area.

However, as is the case with our fireplace and chimney repair and other maintenance services, we’re always more than happy to discuss approximate costs with you when you get in contact with someone from our team. Here at Ashbusters Chimney Service, we believe in integrity and transparency and, as such, we are always upfront, open, and honest about the pricing of our services. 

To get in touch, simply fill out our appointment request form, or you can give us a call at 615-459-2546. We’d love to chat logistics and get everything squared away, so you can get this task checked off your list.

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of experience serving homeowners in Nashville and the neighboring communities by providing the best venting care and maintenance in the area, Ashbusters Chimney Service is the place to call for all matters concerning your hearth, chimney, and other venting.

From preventive system services, like chimney cleaning, to advanced repairs, like full masonry rebuilds, to new appliance installation to dryer vent cleaning, the dedicated team of experts at Ashbusters is equipped to handle it all. Reach out through our website or give us a call at 615-459-2546 to learn more and get started.

Schedule Your Dryer Vent Cleaning with Ashbusters Today

Despite their seemingly unrelated nature, both chimney flues and dryer vents are two incredibly important venting systems in your home. Venting systems that – without proper attention and regular, preventive maintenance – have the potential to cause significant damage and health risks for you and your family.

If you’re a homeowner in the greater Nashville community and it’s been awhile since you last had your dryer vents cleaned, trust the pros at Ashbusters for a job well done. See for yourself why we’re the preferred choice for all things fireplace, chimney, and venting, and book your next service with us today.

Give us a call at 615-459-2546 or reach out online to learn more and get started. We look forward to working with you.


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