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Find the Best Fireplaces & Stoves in Nashville at Ashbusters Chimney Service

For homeowners in the greater Nashville, TN area, Ashbusters Chimney Service carries the best fireplace and stove products from the most trusted industry brands. If you’ve been searching fireplace installation or fireplace sales near Nashville, look no further – we can provide the quality results you deserve. From beautifully crafted cast iron fireplace inserts to versatile gas fireplaces to highly efficient wood stoves, Ashbusters has it all.

We may be known for our chimney maintenance and repair services – thanks to our extensive training and the certifications we hold – but we also sell and install a wide variety of heating appliances to appeal to every style and budget.

So, whether you’re looking to replace your current appliance, or it’s finally time to create the living space of your dreams and have one installed, the dedicated and talented team of professionals at Ashbusters is the one to call. Set up your appointment online today or call us at 615-459-2546 to get in touch. We can’t wait to get started.

What Fireplace Products Do You Sell?

Ashbusters is proud to carry the full spectrum of Regency fireplaces and stoves. We also sell and install Valcourt and Osburn products, so we can provide our customers with the widest selection possible. Take a minute to look through the following options to find the best fireplace, insert, or stove for your current needs.

Our full list of products include:

What Is the Difference Between a Fireplace, an Insert & a Stove?

Reading through the list above, you can clearly see that we offer both gas and wood-fueled appliances – and the differences between the two fuel sources is obvious.

…but fireplace, inserts, and stoves? If they all produce flames, aren’t they more or less the same kind of appliance? Not quite. Let’s go over some of the defining features of each, so you can get a better idea of what direction you might want to go.


We’ll start with the obvious one first: fireplaces. As you might imagine, the term “fireplace” does, in fact, refer to the classic, open-facing appliance complete with a vertical chimney to vent the dangerous fumes and harmful gases produced during combustion. When they’re open-facing, traditional fireplaces will either burn wood or they’ll be fueled by gas.

And while open-facing fireplaces certainly boast a certain ambience and authenticity, they’re actually not the only type of heating system that can claim the name. Gas fireplaces are self-contained combustion units that are designed with different venting requirements and thus have the ability and versatility to be installed just about anywhere, regardless of whether or not you have an existing chimney in place.

So, what are the pros of installing a fireplace? Here are a few:

  • They provide a multi-sensory, ambient experience. There’s nothing quite like the sounds and smells of a nice home fire to create a cozy atmosphere and ambience all around. What’s better than getting mesmerized by flames dancing back and forth across logs?
  • A well-kept fireplace can increase overall home value. Even if you’re not looking to sell now, if your home has a beautiful and properly maintained fireplace, there’s a high chance it will stand out in the real estate market. And the best part is that it doesn’t even matter what fuel source you utilize because it can always be changed later.
  • Thanks to their zone heating abilities, you could save on heating bills. While this tends to apply more to enclosed gas fireplaces, open-facing systems can also do a decent job when it comes to heating the immediate surrounding area. So, if you’re looking for something that can effectively heat a smaller space and create a classic, cozy look, a fireplace may be the perfect choice.

Fireplace Inserts

Often confused and used interchangeably with fully enclosed fireplaces, inserts are self-contained units that are installed – or inserted – into an existing fireplace/chimney structure. Known to be incredibly energy efficient, inserts make a great choice for homeowners looking to change up their fuel source, but who still wish to utilize their current chimney.

Not only are inserts efficient and effective at creating a generous heat output, they’re also environmentally friendly and available in different fuel sources. Plus, they come in a wide variety of materials and color options, so you’ll be sure to find the one that best suits your style and helps tie the whole room together.

As for the benefits of having an insert installed? Check out the following:

  • They’re quick and easy to install. Though this can get a bit complicated with regard to prefabricated systems, when it comes to masonry fireplaces, installing an insert is a breeze. As long as the measurements and dimensions are correct and specific to your system, the actual installation process is seamless since the hard part of creating the space for both the unit itself and its ventilation system is already done.
  • They’re more efficient than their fireplace counterparts. While this does have quite a bit to do with the type of fireplace you have and the fuel you burn, because inserts are always fully contained, you’re always going to get more heat pouring back into your living space. Enjoy less heat loss, lower energy bills, and improved performance all around.
  • Because of their enclosed nature, they’re safer and generally cleaner. Whether you’re worried about curious children or adventurous pets – or both – getting a little too close to a red hot fire, fireplace inserts offer a safer, but still similar, experience. Another advantage? Since they are fully enclosed, you won’t have to worry about smoke or ash escaping, either.


And lastly, stoves. Surprisingly powerful when it comes to their heat production, stoves are also incredibly versatile as far as their placement in your home. Because they’re generally freestanding (though, we also carry models that are attached to the wall), they have the ability to be hooked up and installed in just about any room in your house, giving you the ability to effectively heat any given area – even if you’ve been limited by other options!

Speaking of options, while you may have a specific image in mind when you associate “stove” with “heating appliance,” you’d be surprised at the multitude of choices available when it comes to material, design, and the overall presentation. These days there are so many different looks to choose from, the likelihood of you finding one that meets your needs and preferred style is high.

And the pros of heating with a stove? Here are some of our favorites:

  • They have a wide range of options when it comes to placement in your home. While inserts and traditional fireplaces are typically found in common, open spaces like living rooms, the same parameters don’t apply to stoves. Have a particularly drafty guest room that always seems to be cold, no matter what you do? Installing a stove – be it wood or gas – might be just what you need.
  • They’re both powerful and efficient when it comes to heat production and output. These appliances pack a powerful punch as far as function goes. Because of the way they’re designed, all of the heat that is created during combustion is directly translated into tangible, palpable warmth. This means you can turn your thermostat down and save on some energy costs without the fear of a cold home.
  • They’re pretty straightforward and low-maintenance to operate. Other than ensuring you’re all set in terms of fuel – a safe and sound gas connection or an adequate amount of timber – regular operation is a breeze. Much like fireplace inserts, once everything is all set and ready to go, the only thing you really have to worry about is how best to enjoy the cozy warmth.

Overwhelmed? More confused than when you first got to the page? Questions about something we might not have covered? No worries – we’ve got you.

Everyone here at Ashbusters Chimney Service is not only incredibly knowledgeable about all our products, they’re friendly too! Whether you’re in need of preventive services like an annual chimney cleaning for your existing appliance or you have no idea where to start when it comes to looking for a new one, Ashbusters can help.

Get in touch with someone from our team by filling out this appointment request form through our website, or give us a call at 615-459-2546.

What Are the Best Fireplace & Stove Brands?

Once you know what specific appliance you’re looking to purchase, the next question becomes, “Which one – and from which brand?”

Don’t worry – Ashbusters has got you covered there too. We only sell and install the best of the best from the top manufacturers out there. Here’s a little more about the three brands we carry and why we love their products:

Why We Trust Regency

Founded in the late ‘70s with a mission to produce the finest fireplace products available, Regency has received numerous awards for exceptional aesthetics and overall performance of their appliances. Considering they are known to be the premium brand in the home heating industry, we’re proud to carry a variety of their products. Here are just a few reasons to choose Regency:

  • You save money thanks to their zone heating capabilities. We know all too well that home heating costs have never been higher. By turning your furnace down and using renewable wood to heat those rooms in which you spend the most time, you can cut your utility bills in half.
  • Regency products are proven to be environmentally friendly. All Regency wood stoves, fireplaces, and inserts have been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Engineers have carefully designed the firebox to create airflow around the wood so that it burns completely, resulting in very little ash and almost no smoke pollution.
  • Every product is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. The Regency name means quality in every way, every day. They have an exceptional team, state-of-the-art research, and a world class manufacturing facility that is second to none. Regency has carefully selected a dealer network that is committed to satisfying you – the customer.
  • When you purchase a Regency appliance, you automatically receive a lifetime warranty. Regency is so confident in the quality workmanship, the finest materials, and durable heavy-duty construction invested in each and every product, that they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What We Love About Valcourt

Based out of Canada, Valcourt offers an exceptional array of high-quality wood and gas fireplaces. Popular with industry professionals and homeowners alike, Valcourt is the birthplace of some of the most sought-after fireplace models and continues to push design boundaries, while still meeting the required standards. Here are a few more reasons to love Valcourt:

  • They offer a good mix of appliances for both aesthetic purposes and high-efficiency performance. Valcourt knows that some just want a fireplace for the cozy ambience it creates, while others might be shopping for something that is highly efficient. That’s why they offer such a wide range – that way there’s something for everyone.
  • All high-efficiency, performance products are compliant with the latest EPA standards. While the EPA requirements don’t apply to those appliances intended for ambience and decoration, they are important to be aware of when shopping for performance. Fortunately, all of Valcourt’s high-efficiency, performance fireplaces meet the required regulations for environmental safety.
  • Valcourt sources material from local partners. Passionate about utilizing close-by resources, over 90% of the raw materials used in the construction of all of their appliances come from North America. So, when you buy a Valcourt product, you can be proud you’re purchasing a quality appliance made from locally-sourced quality materials.

We Stand By Osburn Products

Specializing in wood and pellet stoves and inserts and based out of Canada, Osburn is driven by the concept of going beyond – Osburn prioritizes exceeding expectations over and over again. Offering a range of appliances designed to fit every need and space constraint, Osburn is known for creating high-quality products with an emphasis on one-of-a-kind design. These are a few of our favorite things about Osburn:

  • Their products come in numerous styles. Looking for something small, quaint, and even a touch modern? Osburn has options to choose from. Interested in a stove that emphasizes the raw, industrial look? They’ve got those, too.
  • Osburn offers heat distribution systems, so you can effectively share the created heat with other areas of your home. Due to the often excessive amount of warmth produced by wood-fueled combustion, sometimes it can be hard to enjoy your fireplace without getting overheated. Osburn’s Heat Management System acts to effectively redistribute the heat so this is not an issue.
  • Every Osburn appliance is guaranteed to comply with the most recent EPA standards. Passionate about providing products that are both highly efficient and effective while still being environmentally friendly, Osburn engineers work to ensure that every appliance meets the codes and regulations put in place by the EPA. And then, before they end up at distributors (like us), they’re tested by a third party lab, so you can trust the results meet every expectation, every time.

Questions? Speak With Us

You can learn a lot from a written description on a website, sure, but there’s nothing quite like speaking with someone who truly knows the ins and outs of every brand and every appliance. No matter what stage of the buying process you’re in, the pros here at Ashbusters Chimney Service can help.

Not sure which wood stove would adequately heat your living room? We can steer you in the right direction. Can’t pick between similar models of different brands? We can offer our professional advice – and perhaps a bit more detailed information to help you choose.

Whether you’ve just started the journey of making your house a home or you know exactly what you want, Ashbusters is the team to call to make it happen. Get in touch by filling out our appointment request form, or you can give us a ring at 615-459-2546. Let’s make the dream your new reality.

We Also Carry Cast Iron Fireplace & Stove Products

Largely popular thanks to their unique ability to evenly create, retain, and distribute heat, cast iron appliances are hard to beat. Not only are they excellent at producing heat efficiently – which can help you save on heating bills – cast iron appliances have this gorgeous, sleek finish that makes them the perfect centerpiece for any home.

Another plus? Cast iron is a material designed to last a lifetime. Because of the way the metal is treated, you never have to worry about corrosion, cracks, or any weak areas, which means once it’s installed in your home, it’s there to stay.

If you live in or around Nashville and you’re looking for a cast iron fireplace, stove, or insert, Ashbusters Chimney Service has the right products for you. Set up an appointment with someone from our team through our website, or reach out via phone at 615-459-2546.

Ready To Build the Living Room of Your Dreams? Call Ashbusters Today

With technological advancements and the innate human desire to propel, excel, and achieve, it can be tough to remember the simple joys in life. After all, when was the last time you prioritized unwinding and relaxing in front of the fire following a hard day’s work? Perhaps you are simply too busy, or maybe you don’t currently have a hearth appliance. Maybe it’s just that the one you do have is in rough shape.

Whatever your situation, we can help. We strive to bring the best to our customers in service and now offer what we believe to be the best in fireplaces, inserts, and stoves. If you have any questions about any of the products or brands we carry (or other services we offer, like annual chimney inspections), please reach out online or give us a call at 615-459-2546 to get started. We’d love to work with you.


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