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Traditional Fireplaces Available for Installation

The essence of each and every Traditional Gas Fireplace by Regency is the unique flame. Without question, it’s the best in the industry. With its dancing flames and glowing embers, the Regency gas fire looks just like a wood fire.

The product is created and built in a world-class manufacturing facility focused on getting every detail just right. You can rely on Ashbusters Chimney Service as your local dealer and installer who understand how to make this product run safely and to the optimum performance.

From research on current trends and styles, you will find these tasteful options and accessories allow you to tailor the look of our fireplace in your home. Sleek and simple or grand and glamorous… you get to choose.

Each one of these fireplaces produce consistent, controllable heat. The totally sealed firebox, specialized burners and high heat transfer ceramic glass creates heat that doesn’t escape up the chimney.

All Regency products operate during power outages and have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. They are made of the finest materials and durable heavy-duty construction with a level of quality workmanship second to none. Investing in a Regency Traditional Gas Fireplace will keep you warm and cozy for years to come.


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