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We’re Proud to Bring Quality Chimney & Venting Services to Our Neighbors Throughout East Nashville

Just across the Cumberland River from downtown Nashville is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood, recognized for its unique character and diverse cultural scene – East Nashville.

This part of Nashville is home to numerous museums showcasing many cultural and historical treasures. From art and music to local history, you’re bound to find one that interests people of all ages. For example, there’s Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the Tennessee Central Railway Museum, Lane Motor Museum, the Dukes of Hazard museum called Cooter’s Nashville, the Willie Nelson and Friends Museum and Nashville Souvenirs, and Two Rivers Mansion.

Tech standing in front of work truck that says Ashbsuters Chimney Service in front of home with concrete drive

When the weather is nice, you’ll find nature enthusiasts flocking to parks across East Nashville such as Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway, Shelby Park (which is great for fishing), South Inglewood Park, and Cumberland Park.

We’ve been serving the Greater Nashville Area for decades, but what you may not know is that we have a home base right in East Nashville – there’s nobody else that knows the ins and outs and hidden gems of this area better than us. We’re proud to bring the very best chimney, fireplace, masonry, and venting maintenance, repair, and restoration services to our neighbors in the 37206 and 37216 zip codes.

So whether you’re needing help fixing old bricks and masonry, fixing leaky chimneys, or reducing fire hazards with regular inspections and cleanings, you can count on us to do the job right. We provide a whole host of chimney and fireplace services to our neighbors in East Nashville, Inglewood, Lockeland Springs, Shelby Hills, and everywhere else in the area. Give us a call today at 615-459-2546 or request an appointment on our website.

Building totally in flames and falling apart.
Old masonry brick with a crack going sideways.
Tall chimney with older cap - we fix leaky chimneys.

Our Services in East Nashville

As one of the oldest areas in Nashville that is being revitalized, East Nashville has a blend of older brick homes and new construction homes and residences. But no matter what type of home you have, you can rest assured that the Chimney Safety Insitute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professionals here at Ashbusters know just what your chimney and fireplace system needs. 

We specialize in everything from annual maintenance and cleaning to chimney relining, fireplace facelifts, and masonry repair. Our services include:

  • Chimney Sweeping: There are two services we recommend you schedule on a yearly basis. The first one is a chimney sweep. We use specialized rods and brushes to provide a thorough cleaning, all while removing soot, creosote, debris, and other blockages from your chimney. This helps ensure a clearer and safer passage for smoke and harmful gases to vent properly from your home.
  • Chimney Inspection: The other chimney service we recommend you get every year is an inspection. You might think you don’t need this every year if you don’t use your fireplace often – but that couldn’t be further from the truth! A chimney inspection helps us get a better look at the overall condition of your chimney and fireplace, as well as identify any potential issues or safety concerns that would require repair. Unfortunately, leaks, deterioration, and weather-related damage can occur whether you use your fireplace or not.
  • Chimney & Masonry Repair: Chimney and masonry repair covers a broad spectrum of services that aim to ensure the structural integrity, safety, and overall appearance of your chimney. Masonry repair can be as simple as addressing minor cracks or as complex as rebuilding a compromised chimney. From tuckpointing and repointing to spalling brick restoration, our skilled technicians utilize industry-leading techniques and materials to expertly restore your chimney and masonry. With us, the end result will not just look great, but be able to stand the test of time.
  • Chimney Relining & HeatShield®: The purpose of a chimney liner is to act as a barrier against the dangerous combustible byproducts that occur during the burning of wood or other fuels. If your chimney liner has deteriorated even slightly, the cracks in the liner can allow toxic gases to seep inside your home. When it comes time to reline your chimney, we will help you understand all of your options, including innovative solutions like HeatShield®.
  • Leaky Chimneys & Waterproofing: If you’ve lived in Tennessee long enough, you know how quickly the weather can change and how hard the rain can fall. Because of this, it’s important to protect your chimney and your home from potential water infiltration. Whether it’s identifying the root cause of the issue, making repairs, or providing preventive measures like waterproofing, we can help mitigate leaks, deterioration, and even structural damage from occurring.
  • Gas Appliance Service & Repair: We service more than just wood-burning fireplaces. In fact, you can count on us to service, inspect, clean, and repair chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, and inserts of all ages, sizes, and types. We’ll make sure your chimney is free of obstructions and defects and ready to serve you and your family every time you depend on it. From top to bottom, we’ve got you covered.
  • Fireplace Facelift: Have you ever wondered if it was possible to bring life back into an old, outdated fireplace? Well, it is! Our fireplace facelift services include modern upgrades, aesthetic enhancements, and customized solutions to turn your dream into a stunning reality.
  • Dryer Vent Cleanings: We also offer dryer vent cleanings, which can save you time and money. Not only will a clean dryer vent allow your clothes dryer to dry your clothes faster, using less heat and less energy, but a clean vent will also help prolong the useful life of your clothes dryer. Dryer’s aren’t cheap – make sure yours has a clean, clear venting system so it doesn’t end up stressed, overheated, and out on the curb. Plus, keeping your dryer vent cleaned can greatly reduce your risk of dryer fire.

Ashbusters just finished a 2nd job for us and we are very satisfied with the exceptional service and product provided. Seth and Shon were both professional, caring and conscientious to work with. In fact, all the folks we have been in contact with at Ashbusters have been friendly, professional and courteous. No job goes perfectly and when any issues arose they were taken care of quickly, and correctly. We would not hesitate to hire them again.

-John F.

Buying a Home in East Nashville? Trust Your Chimney & Fireplace to Your Neighbors at Ashbusters

Buying a home is already a stressful process. Allow us to take a little bit of that stress away by providing services that are specific to your needs.

We specialize in fireplace facelifts.

Renovating an older home in the area? How about a fireplace facelift? Not only will a newly restored fireplace enhance your enjoyment of the home and bring the look of the entire living space up, but it will also increase the value of the home, should you ever sell.

We specialize in brick and masonry repair.

Many older homes in the area have neglected chimney systems. Whether a chimney has gone years without a chimney cap, a leak has wreaked havoc on the liner, or the area’s sometimes severe weather has destroyed the chimney’s exterior, repairs can make the chimney beautiful and useful once again.

We specialize in fireplace installation and construction.

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a home in the area and you’d like to add a new fireplace. We can take care of that for you, too. We sell and install the very best products and we’ll make sure you’re 100% happy with the results.

Call Ashbusters Chimney Service Today To See How We Can Help You Achieve the Fireplace of Your Dreams

Whatever you need, we are here for you. Whether you’re over near Inglewood, Porter Heights, Rosebank, Barclay Drive, Rolling Acres, Eastwood, East Hill, Greenwood, Five Points, Maxwell, Cleveland Park, McFerrin Park, East Bank, Historic Edgefield, Shelby Hills, or right in the heart of East Nashville, we would be happy to discuss your specific fireplace needs, schedule inspections, provide expert advice, and offer personalized solutions that help achieve the fireplace you desire. 

Start the conversation today by calling 615-459-2546 or book an appointment online. We’ve been here for our neighbors for close to 40 years, and we’re here for you too!


Whether you live in Smyrna or somewhere else in our service area,  you  an count on Ashbusters Chimney Service to take care of all your chimney maintenance, repairs, rebuilds, and installations,