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Serving Green Hills & Belle Meade with Pride & Professionalism

Located just south of downtown Nashville sits one of the best areas we know. Known for its upscale homes, exclusive boutiques, and sophisticated culture, Belle Meade is bustling with both established and up-and-coming country artists.

Right in the heart of the Green Hills neighborhood, take a seat at the iconic Bluebird Cafe, where the stage has been graced by many legendary performances – and the beginnings of many musical careers.

When the weather is nice and the humidity is low, you’ll find people flocking to Fannie Mae Dees Park – locally known as Dragon Park – for its 150-foot long sea serpent. Centennial Park also has a unique structure you don’t often see – The Parthenon, a full scale replica of the ancient Greek monument. All of these places add to the beauty of this vibrant area and provide residents and visitors alike opportunities to enjoy some of the best cultural landmarks Belle Meade and Green Hills have to offer. 

Here at Ashbusters, we thoroughly enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of the wonderful older homes of Green Hills, Forest Hills, and Belle Meade. But, like anything else, the chimneys of older homes need regular maintenance, repair, and, sometimes, restoration. 

If your older chimney system could use a little TLC, call on Ashbusters Chimney Service. Give us a call today at 615-459-2546 or request an appointment online now!

Building totally in flames and falling apart.
Old masonry brick with a crack going sideways.
Tall chimney with older cap - we fix leaky chimneys.

Professional Chimney Services That Give You Greater Peace of Mind

We’re the area’s most trusted chimney care company and we specialize in a wide array of chimney, venting, and masonry services, including:

  • Chimney Sweeping: One of the two regular chimney services we recommend, chimney sweeping involves using specialized rods and brushes to get a thorough cleaning of soot, creosote, and debris from your chimney. This helps to ensure a clear and safer passage for smoke and harmful gases to vent properly from your home.
  • Chimney Inspection: The other chimney service we recommend you get every year is an inspection – even if you hardly use your chimney at all. A chimney inspection helps us get a better look at the overall condition of your chimney and fireplace, as well as identify any potential issues or safety concerns that would require repair.
  • Chimney & Masonry Repair: Chimney and masonry repair can be as simple as addressing minor cracks or as complex as rebuilding a compromised chimney. We handle both – and everything else in between. Tuckpointing, repointing, and repairing spalling brick are all in our wheelhouse, and we would be happy to help ensure the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your chimney exceeds your expectations. If you have an older chimney, you can count on our team to make any needed repairs to restore the safety, beauty, and functionality of your chimney and hearth. We’re expert masons and are extensively trained in the techniques, tools, and materials used in masonry over the years.
  • Chimney Relining & HeatShield®: The purpose of a chimney liner is to act as a barrier against the dangerous combustible byproducts that occur during the burning of wood or other fuels. When it comes time to reline your chimney, we will help you understand all of your options, including innovative solutions like HeatShield®, to help enhance the safety and performance of your fireplace or heating appliance.
  • Leaky Chimneys & Waterproofing: With the amount of rainfall that Middle Tennessee experiences, it’s important to protect your chimney – and your home – from potential water damage. Whether it’s identifying the root cause of the issue, making repairs, or providing preventive measures like waterproofing, we can help prevent leaks, deterioration, and even structural damage from occurring.
  • Gas Appliance Service & Repair: We service more than just wood-burning fireplaces. In fact, you can count on us to service, inspect, clean, and repair chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, and inserts of all ages, sizes, and fuel types. We’ll make sure your gas appliance’s flue is free of obstructions and defects and ready to serve you and your family every time you depend on it this season. From top to bottom, we’ve got you covered.
  • Fireplace Facelift: Have you ever wondered if it was possible to bring life back into an old, outdated fireplace? Well, you can! Our fireplace facelift services include modern upgrades, aesthetic enhancements, and customized solutions to transform your dream into reality.

Questions? Concerns? Ready to book an appointment? Reach out online or give us a call today.

Joe was our technician and he did a great job! They came when scheduled and were very quick and efficient. Ashbusters serviced our gas fireplace and cleaned the dryer vents and did a fantastic job. We haven’t had the fireplace functional in over five years and in less than an hour it’s burning and beautiful and we’re thrilled. Thanks Joe!!!

-Corrie C.

Total Chimney Care Might Be Our Specialty – But So Are Dryer Vent Cleanings in Green Hills, Belle Meade & Beyond

Decade after decade, we strive to bring the best, most comprehensive, and most professional chimney care services to our neighbors in Stuart Glen, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Forest Hills, Rolling Meadows, Brookhaven Estates, Oak Hill, Melrose, Gateway Acres, Leland Manor, and Otter Creek.

But just as important as keeping the vent to your fireplace clear is keeping the vent to your dryer well-maintained.

Year after year, neglected dryer vents continue to cause house fires, loss of property, and, sometimes, loss of life. By keeping your dryer vents clean and free of lint buildup, nesting materials, and other obstructions, you can greatly reduce your risk of dryer-related threats, like carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires.

So, if you start noticing things like your dryer taking longer to dry a load of laundry, musty odors around your appliance, or even your laundry room getting hotter than is normal after running a load of laundry, it’s more than likely due to lint buildup in your vent. Give Ashbusters Chimney Service a call or reach out online, and we will happily conduct a professional cleaning of your dryer vent.

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If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweep that will treat you and your property with respect and maintain professionalism at all times, call 615-459-2546 or book with us online now. Your safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to each and every one of us, and we’re committed to exceeding your expectations and meeting your needs.


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