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Ashbusters Offers Chimney & Dryer Vent Services in Davidson County, Tennessee

Davidson County can be found right smack dab in the middle of Tennessee. More commonly known as Metro Nashville, Davidson County is a dynamic area that serves as the heart of the state’s cultural, economic, and musical scene.

One of the area’s most popular attractions is Honky Tonk Highway where you’ll encounter a neon-lit paradise of country music, iconic bars of music legends, and people lining the streets every day of the week. Each venue offers its unique brand of live music, featuring local, talented musicians and bands that have helped make Nashville the capital of country music. 

Davidson County has such a rich history that is just waiting to be explored. From the Civil War to more current events, this area has borne witness to many historical events that have left its mark on the area. The echoes of the Civil War can still be heard at the battle-scarred site of Fort Negley. Other notable sites include the Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery, the Civil Rights Room at the Nashville Public Library, and The Hermitage.

When the heat and humidity give way to cooler temperatures in the spring and fall, outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and the overall exploration of Tennessee’s natural beauty take center stage. Places like The Warner Parks, Shelby Bottoms Greenway, or Radnor Lake State Park become havens for outdoor enthusiasts craving some cool, fresh air and breathtaking scenery. 

When that cold air starts to creep in, leaving you to desire the warm embrace of a cozy retreat, let Ashbusters Chimney Service help make sure your fireplace and chimney are ready to go. Because after a long day of immersing yourself in all there is to do in Davidson County, there’s nothing better than peeling off that jacket, grabbing a fuzzy blanket, and sinking into a comfy, plush chair next to the crackling fireplace. 

Next time you find yourself in need of reliable chimney and fireplace services, give us a call at 615-459-2546 or request your appointment online.

Building totally in flames and falling apart.
Old masonry brick with a crack going sideways.
Tall chimney with older cap - we fix leaky chimneys.

Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Repair Services You Can Rely On

We serve all of Davidson County, so whether you live in:

…or somewhere else in Davidson County, we can help you get those chimneys and dryer vents cleaned up and ready to use.

What exactly do our services include? That’s a great question! We take great pride in being the one company you can turn to every time a need arises with your chimney, fireplace, stove, insert, or dryer vent. Here is what we specialize in:

  • Chimney Sweeping: One of the best services you can invest in on a yearly basis is a professional chimney sweep. This essential service involves the thorough cleaning of your chimney in order to remove any and all creosote buildup, debris, and other blockages to effectively reduce your risk of experiencing a chimney fire. A clean chimney also vents properly, making your fireplace more efficient at keeping your home warmer each season.
  • Chimney Inspection: Another recommended yearly service that is equally as important as a chimney sweep is an inspection. A common misconception is that you only need an inspection if you plan on using your fireplace. However, that is simply not true. A chimney inspection helps us get a better look at the overall condition of your chimney and fireplace, as well as identify any potential issues or safety concerns that would require repair. Unfortunately, leaks, deterioration, and weather-related damage can occur whether you use your fireplace or not.
  • Chimney & Masonry Repair: Chimney and masonry repair covers a broad spectrum of services that aim to ensure the structural integrity, safety, and overall appearance of your chimney. Masonry repair can be as simple as addressing minor cracks to as complex as rebuilding a compromised chimney. Tuckpointing, repointing, and spalling brick restoration are all skills our masons utilize to help get your chimney looking as good as new.
  • Chimney Relining & HeatShield®: The purpose of a chimney liner is to act as a barrier against the dangerous combustible byproducts that occur during the burning of wood or other fuels. If your chimney liner has deteriorated, even slightly, those cracks in the liner might allow toxic gases to now have direct access to the inside of your home. It’s not worth the risk leaving it unaddressed. Whether your current liner is showing signs of deteriorating or you’re upgrading to a more efficient liner, we can help you understand all of your options, including innovative solutions like HeatShield®, to help enhance the safety and performance of your fireplace or heating appliance.
  • Leaky Chimneys & Waterproofing: With an average rainfall of about 50 inches here in Davidson County, it’s good to have a reputable chimney repair company in your back pocket to help address leaky chimneys and provide effective waterproofing solutions. Excess moisture is one of the leading causes of chimney deterioration, so let’s make sure you’re properly protected!
  • Gas Appliance Service & Repair: We service more than just wood-burning fireplaces. In fact, you can count on us to service, inspect, clean, and repair chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, and inserts of all ages, sizes, and types. We’ll make sure your chimney is free of obstructions and defects, ready to serve you and your family every time you depend on it. From top to bottom, we’ve got you covered.
  • Fireplace Facelift: As a place so rich in history, it’s no surprise that some homes around Davidson County date as far back as the early 1900’s. If you have a home with an old chimney that is in need of some upgrades, we can tailor our services to your specific needs. Our fireplace facelifts include modern upgrades, aesthetic enhancements, and custom solutions to turn your dream into a stunning reality.
  • Fireplace Installation Services: Fireplaces enhance the ambiance of any space, providing a luxurious and timeless touch. To add heat, light, and comfort to your living area, consider a new fireplace, stove, or insert from us. Professional installation is crucial for safety and efficiency, and Ashbusters in Nashville offers assistance in evaluating needs, choosing the right fuel type, prioritizing preferences, and determining the best system for your lifestyle.

Ashbusters was very prompt and professional. Joe Gray provided our service. It was a pleasure to deal with him. He was courteous and explained what he was doing. It was amazing that there was absolutely no mess. He wore protective covers on his shoes and put down a floor protection mat. We have never experienced a more thorough and dedicated service provider. Joe know his job. Well worth the price. Will use them again and recommend them to anyone.

-Tom S.

Do You Live in a Condo? Dryer Vent Cleanings Are Especially Important for You

Did you know dryer vents in condominiums and apartments can easily exceed 100 feet long? It is possible for multiple units to share one common ventilation system, which makes it even more imperative these vents get cleaned on an annual basis. Lint buildup in a long, condensed space poses a significant fire hazard and leads to a decreased efficiency in drying your clothes.

Why risk it?

Instead of searching for DIY dryer vent cleaning solutions, let Ashbusters Chimney Service properly and effectively clean your dryer vents so you can enjoy peace of mind and dry clothes.

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Ashbusters prides itself in leaving your home as clean as, if not cleaner, than when we get there. Inspections of your fireplace should be done annually to ensure its safety. We promise to do it right and are waiting to earn your business.

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We also travel to Willamson County to provide our excellent chimney and dryer vent services to this portion of our service area.