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Chimney Services for New and Older Homes in Wilson County

Wilson County is growing with a considerable amount of new construction. Many times people feel they don’t need to get their chimney inspected because it’s new. However, we find nests and other obstructions in new chimneys as well as, it’s just good practice to have your chimneys inspected and cleaned annually.

Home Engulfed in flames
Brick Wall that is cracked with older worn bricks
Newer Brick Chimney on roof of home with Blue Sky Background
If you live in Lebanon or Mt Juliet in a home that is older, it is imperative you have your chimney inspected and possibly cleaned by a certified chimney sweep annually. It makes even more sense when you live out in rural areas. Any preventative measures to prevent fires in your home are always recommended. Let’s face it, it beats the alternative!

Are Your Dryer Vents Putting You At Risk?

Another issue that comes up in new construction has to do with the length of dryer vent runs. Many dryers are being installed in upstairs areas with as much as 100 feet between the dryer exhaust and the outside vent. In the good old days, when most dryers were out in the garage or in the basement, those runs were only a few feet. All of that added length can trigger more buildup and increase the risk of experiencing a dryer fire.

Because of this, annual vent cleanings are a must. Schedule yours today.

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If you live in Gladeville, Lebanon, Mount Juliet, Norene, or Watertown, call us today to get your dryer vent cleaning scheduled. We travel to the following zip codes:

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Wherever you live in Wilson County, call Ashbusters for a quote today or schedule an appointment online.


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