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Are you considering an outdoor fireplace for your home? There’s no doubt they add countless benefits, such as extra warmth and light, and with crisp, cool fall nights just around the corner there’s no time like the present to get yours installed. That being said, this is a big investment, so it’s important that you have considered exactly what you want from the unit. This way, you’ll end up with the perfect set-up for your unique needs, guaranteeing countless years of fun and enjoyment.

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What’s The Purpose Of Your Fireplace?

The first thing to think about is what exactly you hope to use your fireplace for. Do you need something big that can be used for entertaining or would you prefer something smaller and more intimate? Bigger options give off more heat and light making them ideal for large gatherings and get-togethers, but if you’re just looking for a smaller, more private place that you can relax by in the evening, you may want to go with something that’s low-key.

Keep in mind, too, that we can do more than just add a fireplace. We could also help create your perfect outdoor kitchen, and we’ve even added pizza ovens for multiple customers, ensuring any event they host is one guests will remember for the long haul. (And don’t think pizza ovens are only limited to cooking pizza… you can cook a number of things in these top-notch appliances!)

What Fuel Type Is Best For Your Needs?

Another major component of picking out a new outdoor fireplace is deciding what type of fuel you want to use. The two types a homeowner typically has to decide between is gas or wood-burning. Wood-burning options offer an aesthetic that’s hard to beat. It’s hard to recreate the smells, sounds, and overall ambiance that a wood-burning fireplace creates, and many feel that it is simply the only route to take.

That being said, a wood-burning unit requires storing and seasoning fuel, which can be a hassle, and the process is known to create a bit of a mess (not that this is as big of a deal for outdoor options).You’ll also need to know how to build and maintain a fire, and you also may want to invest in some type of screen or cover to ensure no kids or pets are struck by stray sparks and embers.

Now, if you want a system that requires little maintenance on your end, then a gas-fueled option is likely the better choice for you. All they require is the flip of a switch or push of a button and you are all set! That also means no waiting for embers to eventually die out, as you would have to with a wood-fueled unit. Just turn it off, and you’re ready for bed. No mess, no stress – it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Where’s The Best Placement Options?

If you have decided on size, style, and fuel type, then it’s time to consider the best place to put your new addition. Again, you’ll want to think of what you’ll mostly be using it for. For instance, if you are eager to throw parties with lots of guests, you’ll need plenty of seating room around this new focal point. (Trust us – when the evenings get chilly, everyone will want a spot by the fire!)

You’ll also want to consider any landscaping you’ll have to work around, and be thoughtful about keeping your fireplace away from areas that have a strong breeze, as well. Heavy winds can blow smoke and other fumes right into the faces of guests and family members, which is obviously less than ideal, and ruins the vibe of any gathering in a hurry.

Will It Hurt The Value Of My Home?

Finally, many homeowners are concerned that a major addition like this will end up hurting the value of their home. And let’s face it, this isn’t a renovation that is easy to reverse! Well, worry no longer because an outdoor fireplace is more likely to increase the value of your home than lower it. In fact, outdoor units have been growing in popularity over the years, and many people on the market are willing to pay more for a property with one already in place – that’s just one less project for them to tackle once he home is theirs!

In the end, homeowners associate fireplaces with comfort, warmth, and an overall home-y feeling. Most love the thought of gathering around the hearth with loved ones, so don’t stress about your home value suffering – it’s actually a great investment!

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