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Many cultures around the world see chimney sweeps as being a bearer of good luck. From the UK to Germany and even in some parts of Asia, the humble chimney sweep is a symbol of blessing and good fortune. Legends and myths have surrounded this profession since its beginnings hundreds of years ago.

So… Do chimney sweeps really bring good luck? Or is it all just a bunch of smoke?

The Legends Behind the Lucky Sweep

So, what’s the reasoning behind this well-known assumption? Well, there are lots of different thought processes, depending on who you ask.

Fire & Healing

One of the many reasons that chimney sweeps are thought to bring good luck is because they work with fires and fireplaces – and this central gathering spot in the home is associated with warmth, light, and relaxation. In many cultures, fire is thought to bring healing powers and divine power. Because the sweep works so hard to keep the fire in your home strong and burning, it is believed that he or she is a bringer of good fortune to your home.

Love & Weddings

a bride and grooms arms linked with pink flowersAnother reason some cultures see the chimney sweep as a lucky charm is because of their connections to love and weddings. There is an old fairy-tale type story that involves a chimney sweep and a fair lady.

A hard-working chimney sweep slips and falls and finds himself hanging upside-down from a rooftop gutter. Hearing a loud raucous, one of the residents in the house runs to the window to find the chimney sweep hanging outside it.

The lady of the house saw the sweep and immediately fell in love with him. So enamored by the chimney sweep was the lady that she immediately broke off her engagement to another man. The sweep and the fair lady got married and, of course, lived happily ever after.

This story has been passed along for hundreds of years and has brought with it a peculiar tradition. At many weddings in Europe the bride and groom will invite a chimney sweep to the wedding. Once there, the groom will greet the chimney sweep and invite him to kiss the bride for good luck. He will then pay the chimney sweep for his services. (While this is a tradition meant to bring good luck to the couple, we have to wonder if it’s actually the chimney sweep himself who is the lucky one.)

Business Success

Another way chimney sweeps are seen as lucky is through their association with business success. In the 19th century, the business of chimney sweeping was an important and therefore lucrative trade. The hard work and courage that it took to do the dirty work of sweeping chimneys could only be carried out by the toughest and most savvy – and many of them were able to make a decent wage because of it.

To this day in Germany, it is believed that seeing a chimney sweep on New Year’s Day can bring good luck for one’s business during the coming year. This association with prosperity and success has led to the belief that having a chimney sweep visit your home or business can bring good luck and success in business ventures.

Life Saving

a horseshoe on a piece of wood with a clover in the middleOne of the most popular legends of the lucky chimney sweep takes place in 18th century London when King George III was taking a carriage ride through the town. Out of nowhere, a dog jumped out and spooked the horses pulling his carriage. The horses began to rear and it looked like his driver was going to lose control. Before that could happen, though, a group of chimney sweeps were able to calm the horses and save King George.

After this, the king declared that the chimney sweep was the standard for good luck and prosperity. To this day, the top hat and tails-wearing gentleman with his chimney brush is invited to many important community gatherings, so as to bless the event with his good luck vibes.

Brighter Seasons

One cultural tradition surrounding the chimney sweep happens each spring in the UK where a chimney sweep will get dressed up and lead a parade through the town’s streets on May Day. This is because they are celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The chimney sweep bestows blessings of luck and prosperity on the town as it heads into the warmer and brighter seasons.

So… Is It True?

While there is no scientific backing to the claim that chimney sweeps bring luck to those who come into contact with them, we can’t blame you for thinking that’s the case. When people meet our chimney sweep technicians at Ashbusters Nashville they often think themselves lucky.

Jokes aside, though, while it might seem like getting the most professional and expert service available is lucky, it’s accompanied by hard work and dedication to the satisfaction of our customers.

Stay Lucky – Trust In Us

The team here at Ashbusters is ready and excited to serve you, keeping your chimney free of soot and other byproducts that come from burning year after year. As the spring pushes forward toward summer and we are burning less inside, now is the perfect time to make sure your chimney is cleaned up and ready for next fall. We’ll give you all the luck we can, but even better than that, we will give you the best in service and expertise.

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