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Imagine yourself on a chilly late October evening. You’ve just got home from work and your house is quiet and dark. So, you grab a warm beverage, snag your latest book book, and prepare to sit in front of a cozy fire for the evening. Suddenly you hear an eerie sound.

Is it ghosts? No, of course not, that’d be crazy. Is it the howling wind from outside? No. That doesn’t make sense either. Witches? Werewolves? Vampires? No. No. No. It can’t be.

The sound you are hearing is perhaps the scariest Halloween sound of all. Bats in the chimney. 

Unlike stories of ghosts and goblins, the truth of bats making a home in your chimney can carry real consequences – and even danger for your household. Hearing bats or other critters in your chimney is not something of myth and imagination. Instead it’s a fairly common occurrence, especially as autumn air begins to chill the nights.

How to Safely Remove Bats From Your Chimney or Fireplace

For all the advantages your chimney seems to offer a bat, it isn’t good for you, the homeowner, nor is it good for the bat. Bats are a protected species in Tennessee and removing them is a delicate process. Here are some pointers for getting them out.

1. Timing Is Everything

two bats hanging upside down on a branchTennessee law prohibits the removal of bat colonies between May 1st and August 1st. This is because moving bat colonies while babies, known as pups, are young and not yet able to fly on their own can separate mothers from their young. The momma bats leave each evening to feed and if they can’t come back to their young, the baby bats are put in extreme danger. 

Removing bats during their hibernating months is also very dangerous to bats. This means the best time to remove bats is late summer (after August 1st) into early fall when they are preparing to hibernate.

2. Schedule a Chimney Inspection

Figuring out where the bats are entering and exiting your chimney is crucial to getting bats out. Our experts at Ashbusters Nashville are trained to inspect chimneys and find small gaps and holes that shouldn’t be in your chimney. An inspection from Ashbusters will help pinpoint where these critters are moving in and out.

3. Install a Bat Exclusion Device:

A bat exclusion device is a one-way door, net, or valve that will allow bats to leave your chimney but keep them from being able to re-enter. The key is to wait for your bats to leave your chimney for the evening to feed. At that time, install the device. When they return, the bats will be forced to relocate on their own.

4. Seal Entry Points

After all bats have left and you are sure there are no more still hanging around in your chimney, it is time to seal up the entry and exit points. This process needs to be done with proper materials. Our techs at Ashbusters Nashville are experts at maintaining and repairing chimney systems. We can help get those gaps and holes sealed up so that bats and other critters stay away for the winter.

5. Invest in Regular Maintenance

Finally, make it a habit to have your chimney regularly inspected as part of your annual maintenance routine. The best way to keep animals out of a chimney is by making sure they can’t get in in the first place. Staying on top of maintenance for your chimney is vital to keeping animals out – and keeping your chimney system working at its most efficient. Ashbusters Nashville has everything you need to keep your chimney at its best.

Why Bats Roost in Your Chimney

As the weather cools down and winter approaches, bats and other creatures, like squirrels, raccoons, birds, and rodents, begin looking for a place to spend their winter. Your chimney provides just the type of home these animals are looking for. Once the ability to freely get in and out of your chimney is discovered, critters will quickly snatch up the property.

Here are some reasons why your chimney looks so good to a bat:

  • bat, spider, and other halloween decor on a white mantelWarmth: Bats are cold-blooded creatures, which means they rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. Located out of the cold air and away from the wind, your chimney is not only rent-free, but offers those extra utilities too. Your home provides the heat and keeps the chimney warm and comfortable.
  • Protection: Bats are amazing predators, balancing the ecosystem as they keep bug populations down. Bats haven enemies too, however. Your chimney keeps bats safe from the owls, hawks, and snakes that are looking for a meal.
  • Concealment: When roosting, bats like to be in a quiet and concealed location. They do not want to be seen or bothered. The dark and walled-in nature of your chimney keeps it dark and quiet.
  • Easy Access: Bats can get in and out of very small gaps and openings. A worn out chimney cap or cracking in your deteriorated masonry can provide an easy way in and out that sits high up in the air. 

Chimney or Fireplace Problems? Give Us a Call

For any problems with your chimney system, whether inside the flue or with outside components, Ashbusters is here to help. Our team of experts can help make sure you enjoy your fireplace, wood stove, or gas fireplace to the fullest. Call or book online for quality service.

Now that the bats are gone, you can enjoy your quiet house once again. Wait, was that the sound of a ghost? No.That is the sound of crackling fire logs keeping you warm and happy.