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Bedrooms are where fires often start. More than 600 lives were lost due to fire that started in the bedroom. Common causes of these fires are electrical devices that were left unattended, or misuse of electrical equipment such as extension cords. Other fire triggers include children playing with lighters and matches, smoking in bed, and arson.  These are some basic reminders to keep you safe and prevent damage of property and loss of life.

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  • Children are at a higher risk for deaths caused by bedroom fires. They are prone to playing with matches and lighters. In their bedroom, minimize materials that are easily combustible like paper piles, rags, curtain, etc. Inform your child of the dangers of playing with fire.
  • Do not plug cords near beds, curtains, clothes, and rags. Do not trap cords near the wall or place them under carpets and rags. Also, do not leave laptops on your bed.
  • Never smoke in bed – No matter how conscious you are.
  • Install smoke alarms in all bedrooms for safety, and practice a floor escape plan from the bedroom to the outside.
  • If you are using candles to help you fall asleep, extinguish it before you get sleepy. If you don’t, you might forget it and find yourself trapped in fire inside your room. Furthermore, keep it away from curtains, bed sheets, clothes and rags and other flammable materials like books and papers.
  • Take extra precautions when using space heaters, do not put anything on top of them, and keep flammable materials away from them.
  • Lamp shades, alarm clocks, and other materials that use electricity should be used with extra caution. If possible, use a battery-operated alarm clock.  If you have to re-charge your gadgets, do it during the day.

Bedroom fire safety is not difficult. Giving attention to small details can make a big impact, and will give you safety and peace of mind. Emergency preparedness and knowledge of fire safety are a must in every household in order to protect your family and your property.

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