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We’re well into spring here in the Nashville area, and summer is approaching fast. One thing that typically occurs this time of year is lots of spring cleaning and a deeper look into one’s maintenance routines. That said, there’s often an area that tends to get neglected – the fireplace and chimney.

And we get it – because the fireplace is used far less frequently once the weather warms up, it’s easy to put maintenance on the back burner until fall and cooler temperatures come back around

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That said, we urge you to invest in chimney maintenance sooner rather than later. Just like your roof, your chimney degrades over time, and it’s likely your system faced a lot of wear and tear over the previous winter months due to the freeze/thaw process, more frequent use, and exposure to freezing rain, ice, sleet, and snow.

But why is summertime the optimal time to address these issues? Here’s what you need to know.

Wintertime Water Damage & Your Masonry

Water is one of the worst things your masonry can come into contact with. When the freeze/thaw process occurs, any absorbed water (yes, your brick is more like a sponge than most realize) freezes and expands on those cold winter days, and causes cracks to form in the masonry. These cracks then leave room for more water to enter, causing your bricks and mortar joints to deteriorate more and more.

And if there have been repeated cycles of the freeze/thaw process within the season (as there usually are), your system will suffer even more. Not to mention, water can trickle down into your home through these crack. Many people assume this is a roof leak when it’s actually a chimney leak!

Cracks admit debris, insects, and contaminants that contribute to mold, and they make your home more susceptible to house fires and smoke infiltration. They’ll also increase your risk of carbon monoxide exposure! Needless to say, any cracks in your structure need to be repaired ASAP.

The best way to prevent extensive damages is to have regular inspections done on your chimney. This allows you the opportunity to fix smaller problems long before they become costly repairs. Ashbusters recommends asking a pro to take a look at the condition of the exterior of your masonry as soon as the weather turns warm to avoid expensive and time-consuming repair work down the line.

With their keen eye, a chimney professional will be able to spot any potential problems that are on the horizon, and can suggest the most appropriate remedies and preventive care. Here at Ashbusters, we’d be happy to help!

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Longer-Lasting Results

Most don’t know this, but warm weather is the best time to take care of masonry repairs, as it allows the materials we use the time to properly cure. The products we use for repointing and other repairs need to cure in a certain temperature range, and if not done during an appropriate time of year, you won’t get those long-lasting results you hope for.

In fact, if it gets too late in the year, we might even suggest holding off until the following spring! There’s simply no point in investing in repairs only to have to re-do them shortly down the line.

Damages that are addressed sooner also improve the structural integrity of your chimney. When masonry issues are neglected, damaged bricks and mortar joints only continue to further deteriorate, and these damages then affect other parts of the system as well.

Avoiding More Expense

It’s a simple fact – the longer you wait to have damaged masonry repaired, the more extensive and expensive the repairs will become. Scheduling an inspection during spring ensures any issues are promptly spotted, so they don’t trigger more damage throughout your chimney and fireplace.

For instance, a missing or damaged chimney cap can cause water to enter your flue. This then triggers liner deterioration, firebox damages, rusted metal components, rotted woodwork, clogging, and more – that’s a lot of repairs to address! Yet, if your sweep can note chimney cap issues right away, all you’ll need is a new one installed – easy, affordable, and far less stressful.

More Convenient Scheduling

Finally, it’s important to consider that scheduling in the spring and summer months is way more convenient for you as the homeowner. Because most put off or simply forget about chimney maintenance until fall weather comes back into play, we end up getting a lot of calls for inspections throughout fall and winter.

Because of this, finding a time and date that’s convenient with your schedule can be a challenge. And if you end up needing repairs, you’ll need to start the scheduling process all over again! If you’re typically extra busy during the fall months, then get your chimney care out of the way early.

What Can I Expect From Ashbusters?

So, what can you expect when you hire Ashbusters for your chimney care? Well, our chimney professionals are certified with the CSIA, we’ve won multiple awards as a company, and thanks to our over 30 years of experience, you can bet there isn’t much we can’t help you with!

We value customer safety and satisfaction above all else, and our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. If you live in or near Nashville, there’s simply nowhere better to turn.

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