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Fireplace inserts are typically added to increase the heat output of an existing fireplace, boosting efficiency and improving the overall ambiance of a space significantly. And when it comes to the installation process, well-trained sweeps can get the job done pretty swiftly.

But come time to remove them, things aren’t always so straightforward. Sometimes homeowners want to have their insert removed, whether it’s to upgrade their current model, switch fuel types, or something else, and how easily this is done depends on a number of factors, like what fuel you use or what type of insert you have installed.

One thing remains the same for any fuel type or model, though – trusting an expert is a must. Getting the job done right will guarantee improved safety levels for all involved, and it will minimize the risk of experiencing damage or needing repairs later on too. If you need help with your insert, be sure to give our techs a call today.

Natural Gas Insert Fireplace with Stone and Wood

How Long Does the Insert Removal Process Take?

Well, it depends – on the type of insert you have, which fuel type you’re using, whether the unit was originally installed professionally, and more. Generally speaking, though, this is an all-day job.

With gas inserts, your techs will be tackling electrical components, tinkering with gas lines, and carefully approaching any ventilation system to ensure no damages occur. Professionals know how to reduce the risk of electrocution, as well as keep gas lines intact, so that leaks won’t be a concern.

Wood inserts will require the removal of ash, creosote, and any soot or left-behind debris. This will ensure your system is all set and ready for use once the removal process is complete, and it will minimize the risk of clogs, chimney fires, and poor airflow too.

Like we said, count on techs being in your home for most of the day. The good news is, the job shouldn’t last any longer than that unless your situation is a bit more complicated. In any case, we’ll look things over ahead of time and be able to give you an accurate timeline once this initial overview is complete.

Can Removing My Insert Trigger Home or Venting Damage?

If the process is done incorrectly, then yes – home or venting damage can occur.

Unless you have the knowledge necessary to complete the job accurately, as well as the proper tools and equipment to handle things safely, then insert removal is a job that a professional should be hired to complete. If you don’t know how the fireplace was initially constructed or how the previous insert was installed, structural damage could likely occur.

Certified sweeps work with fireplaces and chimneys every single day and, if you hire an experienced company like Ashbusters, you can bet we know the ins and outs of about every system out there. Rest assured, when we approach a job like this, there’s not much that can surprise us. Get the peace of mind you deserve by hiring us from the start.

If you do proceed without the help of an expert, make sure any fuel lines and power sources are disconnected to avoid gas leaks, fire hazards, and the risk of an electrical shock.

What’s the worst that can happen?

  • Your brickwork or interior structures could experience damage.
  • Movement could occur within the existing cement joints.
  • Injuries could occur because of falling bricks or improper shifting.
  • Your risk of gas leaks or fire hazards could increase.
  • Your system may not work efficiently – or at all – when the job is completed.
  • Your system may not operate safely, pouring smoke or fumes into your home.

So, before you begin, take our advice – stop. In the end, the safest route will always be to hire our team of professionals from the start. And many find this is the more cost-effective route, too, since it helps to ensure major damages are avoided.

Trust Our Experts for the Job

Here at Ashbusters, we maintain certifications with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and pride ourselves on furthering our chimney knowledge with every passing year. We value the communities we live in and serve, and we only want the best for our clients, which is why we urge you to trust us for all of your fireplace installation services.

We also provide fireplace and stove installation services, and by booking your yearly maintenance and any repair services us, you guarantee getting the most from your appliance with every burning season. Take the burden and stress off yourself – count on us for it all.

If you’re ready to get started, don’t wait. Get in touch by giving us a call or by booking with us online today. We’d love to speak with you soon.