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One of the most popular reasons homeowners choose to install gas fireplace appliances is the low-maintenance ease of operation; however, to be able to enjoy the simple convenience of your gas appliance, it is essential to have it serviced every year. Many believe that since they have had no problems with their gas fireplace, logs, stove, or insert, there is no reason to have their appliance professionally serviced once a year. But, there could be hidden issues and safety hazards that could lead to major problems. Ashbusters is proud to offer gas service and repairs to the residents of the Nashville area, and we would like to tell you why you should have your gas appliance serviced before the arrival of fall.

Gas Fireplace - Nashville TN - Ashbusters ChimneyWhat can I expect from a service appointment with Ashbusters for my gas appliance?

Our technicians have been certified by both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) to service gas appliances, and you can trust us to ensure your gas fireplace is cleaned and inspected to be certain it has been properly installed and works safely. We will clean off the soot from the glass doors, check the pilot light, gas valve, and gasket seal, inspect and clean the logs and burner, and check the installation for placement. We will also check the chimney to be sure there are no obstructions or other issues that could be unsafe or inefficient.

What are the typical problems found in an inspection of gas appliances?

If you have a gas fireplace insert that was not professionally installed or inspected, you could have an incorrectly-sized flue. Most inserts are smaller than the average masonry chimney, and this size problem can lead to some big problems. The CSIA recommends inspections to be sure that the appliance is properly vented to reduce the amount of acidic condensation within the flue, which can eat away at masonry materials like bricks and mortar as well as the metal components like the liner and the damper. You will also have issues with the chimney draft without a correctly-sized flue. Ashbusters can install a new stainless steel liner that will provide a perfectly matched fit to your gas appliance. Other typical problems we find include issues with the pilot light and burner, dirty glass, and noisy fans.

Have your gas appliance serviced and inspected this summer. Contact us today at Ashbusters to schedule an appointment with our certified gas appliance and chimney experts.