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Chimney accessories are as important as the maintenance you perform on your chimney each year. To protect the investment of your appliance, it is necessary to also invest in accessories designed to keep your chimney free and clear of debris and moisture. Otherwise, you could be spending a lot of time repairing and relining your chimney, and less time enjoying the warmth and comfort it can provide.Chimney Chase - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney Service

A chase cover is a great way to protect your chimney during the warm summer months when your chimney is not in use. A chase cover will be placed directly on top of your chimney, and will block any debris from entering your chimney. Debris may come in the form of sticks, leaves, small animals, and even water. All of these materials can severely damage the integrity of your chimney, and can wind up costing you a fortune in repairs that are easily avoided. Many chase covers are built out of aluminum, steel, or copper, which makes them durable and long lasting, so you don’t have to worry about weather and other forms of damage affecting your chase cover. In fact, most of these accessories have a certain warranty that guarantees the life of your chase cover or your money back. By placing a cover over your appliance you are further guaranteeing the life of your chimney by protecting your investment and avoiding costly masonry and relining work.

Chimney repair can be costly, but with simple additions like placing a chase cover over your chimney you can avoid many repairs in your chimney. After having your chimney inspected and swept, ask about sizing your chimney for a cover that will protect your appliance, and keep your chimney in beautiful working order for many years. Give the CSIA certified chimney techs at Ashbusters Chimney Service in Nashville, TN a call today at 615-833-0349 & have your chimney fitted for a chase cover.