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If you own a working fireplace, you hopefully take advantage of the beauty, warmth, and relaxing glow a fireplace can provide for your home. If you have young children, it’s very important to realize and practice proper fireplace safety so no one gets hurt as you enjoy a warm fire.

Don’t let children near a fire unsupervised. Children are inherently curious, and may try to play with the fire; this can be very dangerous. Similarly, if you need to tend to your fireplace while a fire is burning, be sure there are no children sitting close to the fire. When you move logs and kindling, often sparks and coals can shift and sputter. Do what you can to ensure the safety of young children. Always use proper fireplace tending tools, such as fireplace pokers, when tending to a fire, and be sure to invest in a fireplace cage before you light a fire. Set a good example and avoid throwing things haphazardly into the fire, and only burn what is meant to be burned in your fireplace. Keep your fireplace clean to avoid unnecessary smoke inhalation. Keep children, and the rest of your family safe by adhering to safe fireplace precautions in your home.