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We’ve discussed the different ways you can protect your chimney from damage and build-up, and the importance of having your fireplace and chimney regularly swept by a professional. There are also products you can invest in that will alleviate the need for a lot of extra maintenance for these appliances too.

Chimney caps are one of the best forms of protection for your fireplace and chimney. When properly placed over the top of your chimney, these caps prevent debris like wet leaves and sticks from falling into your chimney. They also keep critters like birds and squirrels from climbing into your chimney and wreaking havoc on the integrity of it. While the caps prevent debris from falling in, they are slotted to allow plenty of room for smoke to exit your chimney, avoiding build-up. Furthermore, these accessories come in sturdy stainless steel and copper, so you can be sure they will last for many years. Ask your professional chimney sweep or accessory manufacturer about the types of caps available. Depending on the type of fireplace and flue system you have, you may require a specific type of cap. Whatever cap you choose, your chimney and fireplace will be properly protected, avoiding extra costs and stress.