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Take a look at the news today. There are so many chimney fires wreaking havoc across America. Not only are these fires costly and causing millions of dollars in unnecessary repairs, they are also quite deadly. Here is a look at some of the most recent chimney fires happening across the nation.Chimney House Fire - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney Service

On the Northern Coast of California, in Humboldt, a chimney fire was put out at a residence. There was heavy smoke and a lot of fire damage ($140,000) but the fire was contained and luckily no one was injured during that blaze. A similar fire was tended to in Illinois in a two-family duplex where $125,000 in damage was reported. Luckily, no one was injured during this blaze either, but both families are left without a place to call home. The cause of this fire was the result of chimney materials being ignited after a fireplace fire was lit. A chimney fire in Pennsylvania was recently contained, and the home could thankfully be salvaged. The Tice family is appreciative to the firefighters in Mansfield, Pennsylvania that answered the call promptly and put out the chimney fire in their home. While there is a lot of financial damage to these homes, these families should consider themselves lucky. Chimney fires are not always easily contained, and if a fire call is not answered in time it can cause injury and death to families, as well as to firefighters that brave these types of blazes.

Of course, the best way to avoid chimney fires in your home is to prevent them. Proper maintenance of your chimney is the best way to avoid any type of costly damage. Have your chimney regularly inspected and swept to avoid any materials igniting in your chimney. Keeping your family safe from fire hazards, and maintaining the integrity of your home is as easy as scheduling regular chimney inspection and sweeping services every year.

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