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Is your home built on an older foundation with an older chimney? If so, you may want to consider restoring your chimney for aesthetic, as well as safety purposes. Often, chimney repairs are undetectable by an untrained person. Don’t let minor chimney repairs become major renovations in your home.

There is more than one technique for restoring your chimney, so it’s best to find a professional that knows more than one way to restore old masonry work. Also, find a professional that will strive to keep the aesthetics of your chimney intact. Older masonry work is beautiful and timeless, and it’s wonderful to be able to keep that look in your home for many years. Along with preserving the integrity of your chimney, it’s also important to find a reputable professional that will provide a warranty for the chimney restoration work that was done on your home. Without a warranty, any repairs that need to be made are the responsibility of the homeowner – you. Let the professionals at Ashbusters take a look at your chimney and recommend a chimney restoration with a 5-year workmanship warranty, or a 10 year-lifetime warranty.