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Every qualified chimney sweeping and service company understands that the heart of their commitment to their clients is the need to prevent fires and damage before they occur.  It is only through proper & professional prevention that you can avoid costly repairs and dangerous fires.

Part of prevention is making sure a professional chimney sweep does a comprehensive sweep and cleansing of your chimney at least twice a year. It’s not enough for you to use a flashlight to examine your fireplace. A professional sweeping company has the tools, equipment, and knowledge to do a thorough sweep of your entire fireplace and chimney. Not only do sweeps have the proper equipment, they also know what to look for. What may look like a minor crack to you may be an indicator of potential damage that can easily be avoided. Chimney sweeps are skilled in finding small issues that can be easily fixed in order to avoid major damage and repairs. Trust your local chimney sweeping and repair company in order to keep your fireplace and chimney working effectively and safely.