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The dryer vent is one of the most overlooked portions of any home or apartment building. Many homeowners think as long as they remove the lint from the dryer’s lint trap, they are keeping their dryer in working condition and making sure it is safe to use.

On the contrary, each dryer vent must be cleaned in its entirety in order to work properly, and to avoid a dangerous fire in your home. While a lot of lint collects in the lint trap, debris and lint collects throughout the entire vent. This can catch on fire and can be a very dangerous situation. Hire a professional dryer vent cleaner to sweep the entire vent. After this cleaning, you will notice that your dryer works more efficiently, and your home will be kept safe from hazardous fires that can wreak havoc. Regular dryer vent cleanings are of the utmost importance for homes, apartment buildings, and any businesses that use dryers regularly. Have your dryer vent cleaned every six months to ensure safe and efficient dryer use.