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If you have noticed that it has been taking longer than usual to dry a load of clothes in your dryer, this is one of the main signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning. Unfortunately, many people ignore this important maintenance task, and neglecting to have this service can lead to a devastating house fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), one out of every 22 residential fires that were reported to U.S. fire departments between 2006 and 2010 had to do with a clothes dryer. In 2010 alone, 51 deaths, 380 injuries, and $236 million in property damage resulted from fires involving clothes dryers. The leading cause of these fires was failure to clean the venting system. Lint and other debris builds up in the vents, which reduces air flow and backs up exhaust gases to eventually ignite a fire. Having your dryer vents professionally cleaned is an excellent way to avoid this possible fire hazard. Ashbusters proudly provides dryer vent cleaning services to keep our customers safe from clothes dryer fires. As we mentioned earlier, clothes that are still damp at the end of a regular cycle is a clear signal that it is time for a dryer vent cleaning. We would like to tell you some other signs that your vents need to be cleaned.

Dryer Vents Need Cleaning - Nashville TN

At the end of the cycle, your clothes and the outside of the dryer are hot to the touch.

This is a warning sign that your vent system is clogged and not exhausting correctly. When your vent is clogged, you are wasting energy and reducing the life of the heating element and the blower of your dryer.

You smell a burning odor.

Since lint is extremely flammable, it can easily catch fire and cause a burning smell. Lint accumulates in the lint trap, exhaust tube, and the drum casing. If you do smell something burning when your dryer is running, turn off the dryer immediately and contact Ashbusters for an inspection of your vent system.

You cannot properly open the vent hood flap.

If you can see lint around the outside vent opening or the dryer hose, this is another warning sign that you need a professional dryer vent cleaning. Another red flag is when the duct hood flap does not open as it is supposed to do. If an outside vent does not open when the dryer is running, air flow has been restricted because lint has built up inside the vent.

Has it been longer than a year since your dryer vent system has been cleaned and inspected? If so, contact Ashbusters to schedule an appointment with our certified dryer vent technician for a professional cleaning.