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Many problems arise when you have damaged chimney masonry. It invites all kinds of hazards, like gas leaks, chimney fires, and further deterioration, essentially making your system unsuitable for use. Needless to say, addressing it quickly is imperative.

Problem is, a faulty masonry problem isn’t always easily noticeable, which means we should always be proactive in maintaining it. Count on our crew for all of your chimney masonry repairs.

Why Masonry Damage Occurs

One of the more common reasons masonry chimneys in the Nashville area experience damage is due to the freeze/thaw process. When this occurs, the moisture enters brick or stone, then freezes and expands during the winter, causing internal damage. This can happen for months, and most homeowners won’t even know.

Water can also trigger issues like rotting, rust, decay, clogging, discoloration, and more. In the end, moisture is usually the culprit behind any type of chimney damage, deeming it one of your system’s greatest enemies.

That said, other issues can occur due to things like chimney fires, bad weather, collisions with big branches, and more. In the end, staying up to date on necessary repairs, inspections, and other maintenance is vital to keeping your system in good health for the long haul.

Our Masonry Repair Services


Masonry Repairs - Nashville TN - Ashbusters masonryThe part of masonry that deteriorates first isn’t usually the bricks themselves – these can last a lifetime without facing many issues. Rather, it is the mortar in-between the bricks that usually need care. Without the mortar, water and moisture can easily creep within the brick, increasing the chances of damage. Tuckpointing aims to fix the mortar before any other issues arise.

The tuckpointing process consists of removing a part of the deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new mortar. Professionals have to be careful, as they’ll need to match the color of the brick to maintain its beautiful finish. They’ll also need to ensure the makeup of the mortar is the same to keep everything structurally sound.

The tuckpointing process consists of removing a part of the deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new mortar.

Tuckpointing isn’t a DIY job. If you need care, trust our experts to get it right.

New Construction

Constructing a chimney is no simple task. A mistake can lead to an increased risk of carbon monoxide leaks or fires in your home, and you might even face hefty fines because of building code violations.

We can help with:

  • the design process
  • the construction of the new system
  • recommendations for materials used
  • exhaust connections
  • any questions you have along the way

Brick Replacement

A small crack in your brickwork can grow large and hazardous in only a few seasons when left unaddressed. Your best bet is to call in our techs before things get worse. We’ll inspect and replace any problematic bricks just in time for the burn season, ensuring your masonry looks and functions better than ever.

Brick replacement can be an expensive and risky DIY job, which is why trusting a professional is always the right choice. Count on us to get the job done right the first time, so you don’t face further issues down the line.

Chimney Rebuilds

Masonry Repairs - Nashville TN - Ashbusters chimneysA chimney rebuild means replacing most of the outside brick of the structure, along with the chimney crown. We recommend it when the chimney has already experienced extensive damage. If your masonry suffers from noticeable structural flaws, ask us if this is the best option for you!

The extent of the rebuild will depend on the damage you’re facing. We may only need to repair the crown or the top for a partial rebuild. Smaller chimneys will also mean that there will be fewer parts to rebuild.

In the end, a rebuild aims to prevent leaks that compromise the chimney’s structure. It also reduces the risk of house fires and improves the home’s resale value.

Spalling Repair

Spalling often happens because of the freeze-thaw process. Essentially, the surface of your masonry starts to flake and break apart, which then opens it up to experience more damage throughout the structure’s interior.

When addressing spalling damage, we’ll start by cleaning the area and removing any damaged parts. We’ll then coat the exposed areas before applying a mixture that will restore the material to its original strength. We have to ensure that there are no open areas where moisture or water can pool.

Spalling is a damage indicator, and could lead to structural deterioration of the chimney and home structure. It’s crucial to address it as soon as possible once spotted.

Don’t Forget Your Annual Chimney Inspections

Setting time for an annual chimney inspection is a must before the start of every burning season and it prevents any damages or clogs from getting worse. Our team will be able to spot any issues right away and perform the repairs while the damage is still minimal.

It’s best to schedule your maintenance before the fall season. Most people have their chimneys checked during autumn, leaving little to no time for necessary repairs before temperatures drop.

We’ll have ample time to complete repairs if you schedule maintenance early – like now! You can then enjoy the holiday season without worrying about your chimney.

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