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Common Problems With Gas Fireplaces & Gas Logs

You notice one of these common problems with your gas appliance, but you don’t have to stress. Call our team today to learn about your solutions. 

Here are some of the common problems your gas fireplace may have:


  • Pilot light won’t light or stay lit
  • Main burner won’t come on or stays on longer than it should
  • Glass is dirty
  • Fan is noisy
Phenomenal quality work and Great people at all levels of the company – whether you are looking for great work or be a part of this exceptional team, is like joining a family and everyone is supportive of each other and has a great time together. Ashbusters is truly the best best greatest chimney company in TN ever!

You Receive Thorough Service & Repair

When we service your gas fireplace, stove, insert or log set, we’ll carefully remove, inspect and clean the system components and check for proper installation and function. We’ll:

  • Remove any soot or dust from the glass
  • Check the gas valve, pilot and gasket seal
  • Inspect and clean the burner and logs
  • Check for proper placement, inspection and function

Whether your gas fireplace or gas log set is working like new or needs some troubleshooting, you can expect thorough and professional results from our team.

Don’t usually make posts about services however, Ashbusters Chimney Services is worth mentioning. We were way over due for chimney and dryer vent cleaning services. If you need these services performed, I HIGHLY recommend this company. The office staff and Matt, the service technician were friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Feeling confident going into fire burning season.