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Whether building a new home or updating your current home, one thing that you may wish to consider is how to heat your home in a clean and efficient manner.  Two types of heating appliances which people may consider are gas burning or wood burning appliances. 

Gas Options

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Gas burning appliances are a convenient way to heat your home; at a touch of a switch, the heat is on.  There is no set up, storing of wood, or clean up required.  Gas stoves are an attractive alternative to wood burners without a lot of the troubles.  Although gas burning appliances may be more costly than wood burning appliances, it also is a more efficient way of heating larger areas than wood burning appliances.  And if you are looking for a cleaner-burning alternative, gas burners may be the way to go. However, one risk involved with gas burning appliances is the risk of gas leaks.  Because natural gas is colorless and odorless, a compound is added to give it a distinctive, rotten-egg smell.  It is important to take immediate action if you smell this, because natural gas is highly flammable.

Wood Options

Wood burning appliances can be made of cast iron or steel and can be used as either a primary source of heating your home or as a supplemental heat source.  Homeowners can also use wood burning fireplaces to help with heating their homes.  Wood burning stoves and fireplaces add a charming, cozy atmosphere to many homes, but there are considerations to keep in mind when picking out such a device.  For example, when choosing a wood burning appliance, it is important to think about how much space you will be heating.  Another thing to consider is risk and insurance.  Because there may be an increased risk of accidental house fires, some homeowners insurance may have restrictions on the use of wood burners. Check your homeowners insurance for special requirements regarding installation techniques and inspections; failure to check your homeowners insurance before installation may void your policy.


Whether choosing gas burning or wood burning appliances, it is important to undergo annual preventative inspections and upkeep.  Choose Ashbusters for your maintenance needs, whether it is chimney sweep cleaning, evaluation and inspections, or checking the gas valve, pilot and gasket seal in a gas burner appliance. These are just a few of the services that Ashbusters can provide to ensure a safe, inviting heat source for your home.