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Now that warmer weather is here in the Nashville area, you may think it is time to forget about your fireplace for a while. However, spring is a great time to take a look at the way you heat your home. This is because you have time to make any necessary changes to improve the heating efficiency in your house. If you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you may have noticed your heating costs increasing.

Unfortunately, the typical wood-burning fireplace is not the most efficient way of heating your home. Most of the heat from the fire goes out of the chimney. This makes you have to turn up the thermostat of your furnace to stay warm and comfortable. This can be an expensive process. However, Ashbusters can help you increase the energy efficiency and decrease your utility bills. How? By installing a set of gas logs in your existing fireplace! We would like to tell you more about gas logs and how they can improve your home heating for the next winters to come.

What do I need to know about gas logs when I’m shopping for a new set?

The most important thing to consider when you are deciding what set of gas logs you should get for your home? They come in two different types: vented and ventless. Vented gas logs must be installed in a fireplace with a working chimney that will exhaust the fumes from combustion. A set of vented gas logs has a more realistic looking “yellow” flame, according to the SF Gate Home Guides. However, they do not provide as much heat as ventless gas logs.

You can still convert your old fireplace to gas logs with a ventless set, but you keep the damper closed when you use them. Are you are concerned about using a set of ventless gas logs in your home because you have heard that they can be unsafe? Ashbusters can show you exactly how to operate your new set so that your safety is never at risk. No matter which type of gas logs you end up choosing, we strongly recommend that you install carbon monoxide detector alarms! This is to protect you and your family from a possible leak of that toxic gas coming from the appliance.

What are the benefits to converting my fireplace to gas logs?

As we mentioned earlier, your wood-burning fireplace is not the most efficient way of heating your home. In fact, the energy efficiency rating of your old fireplace could be as low as 15 percent. After installing a new set of gas logs, you will notice a big difference! Especially in how much warmer your home is, as well as how much lower your heating costs are. Depending on the model and type of your gas logs, your set will have an energy efficiency rating from 80 to 99 percent. Another important benefit of converting to gas logs? The convenience and ease of use.

You will not have to do routine chores. Chores like bringing in firewood from outside or sweeping up ashes and other debris after every fire. Instead, you can relax and get a fire started by pushing a button on a remote control from your couch. Many models even allow you to set a thermostat. This keeps your gas logs burning as you wish automatically. It is just as easy to put the fire out by pressing a button or turning a dial. Tired of having to wait for your wood fires to go out before you can leave your home or go to bed at night? Then you will love being able to quickly stop the fire when you need it to end!

If you are ready to improve the heating efficiency in your home, Ashbusters can help you. Contact us to learn more about how we can convert your old wood-burning fireplace into a more efficient heating appliance by professionally installing a set of gas logs in your home. We can help you find the perfect set for your home and ensure they will work as safely as possible.