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Every good chimney sweeping and inspection service company will tell you that no two chimneys are alike. To this end, we offer convenient levels of inspection. Not only are these inspection levels priced at different budgets, they also include different services that you may or may not need for your home.

The Level 1 Inspection is a routine chimney inspection that is most widely recommended for homeowners that regularly have their chimneys examined (typically yearly). The Level 2 inspection is recommended for homeowners that have recently had a change with their appliances, or have moved into a new home. Level 3 includes a quoted price, and is used only when other inspections have indicated a potentially serious problem with your fireplace or chimney. Each level involves different tools and equipment, which cause the price to vary. Your professional chimney sweep can further guide you in choosing the level of inspection and chimney sweeping that is appropriate for your home. Contact your trusted chimney sweeping service company today and decide which package is right for you.