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Educate Your Kids on Fire Safety

Whether you are a parent or a school teacher, it is necessary to educate your kids about fire safety and preventing fires. Check out these tips in order to ensure proper fire safety practices at school and at home. Here are some important tips you may follow which can be of great help:

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Don’t play with matches

Teach your children how to properly use matches. Your kids should bear in mind that the only time they can strike a match is when they are using a piece of wood in a fireplace or in a stove. Even better, make sure they understand that your supervision is necessary if they want to use matches. Keep matches out of the reach of young children.

Set a fire drill

This is particularly relevant when you are a school teacher or administrator. It is important to set such drills at least twice a semester so they will know how to properly exit the classroom. Through this, they will be able to know how to head out to the yard of your school through the closest door in a quick and orderly fashion as soon as the fire alarm rings. They should fully understand that they need to stay outside the building until school officials or fire department personnel tells them that it is safe to go back inside.

Teaching the proper way to use an oven and a stove

Yes, your children need to be oriented with the various appliances inside your home as part of their learning process. However, they should be taught well about the importance of properly turning on and off the stove and the oven when they are cooking food.

Remember: you must educate your kids about fire safety so you will have peace-of-mind, ensuring that your house or your school is well educated in fire safety.

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